HISTORY OF BOOK CENSORSHIP: This presentation is perfect for Banned Books Week or as an introduction to book burning in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. The slides give a brief history of nine censorship and book banning incidents in world history.

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THE MAID: Molly’s orderly life as a hotel maid is upended the day she enters the suite of the infamous and wealthy Charles Black, only to find it in a state of disarray and Mr. Black himself dead in his bed. Before she knows what’s happening, Molly’s unusual demeanor has the police targeting her as their lead suspect.


Library Challenge #1 tasks you with an annual review (or maybe your first review) of your library's Selection and Reconsideration Policies.

LIBRARY CHALLENGE #1 Are library book challenges scary? I think so! But they are much less scary when you have a strong plan. When you know exactly what to do

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This article is 10 essential tips for new school librarians. These are the 10 things you should do FIRST in your new school library.

You’ve landed a brand new school librarian job–congratulations! All summer, you’ve looked forward to standing in the middle of your very own library, taking a deep breath, and reveling in

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This is a collection of fun ideas for middle school library orientation. Even if you don't use the ideas, the videos are a lot of fun to watch!

Ahh, the first day of school! Call me crazy, but I’ve always loved it! I will see my first middle school library orientation classes this Wednesday. We have a book

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Review: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

AUTHOR: Lauren DeStefano
SERIES: The Chemical Garden, book 1
PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster Children’s
PUBLICATION DATE: March 22, 2011
ISBN: 9781442409057
PAGES: 358
SOURCE: My library
GENRE: dystopia
OVERALL RATING: Highly recommended 
GIVE IT TO: anyone who loves an intricately-told story

SUMMARY: In a future America, a deadly virus causes men to die at age 25, women at age 20. To ensure survival, wealthy men can “buy” teen girls as brides. When 16-year old Rhine is kidnapped, sold, and forcibly married to a wealthy Florida landowner, she is determined escape to her luxurious prison and return to Manhattan to find her twin brother.

WHAT I LIKED: I LOVED, LOVED this book! This is DeStefano’s debut novel, and I look so forward to the next one. From the first few pages, I was sucked into the story immediately and stayed riveted right up to the very last page. The characters are unique and drawn so well, readers will feel like they know them. Even Rhine’s forced husband and captor Linden is likeable; I felt almost as sorry for him as I did for his three wives. 

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: I loved the entire book. This book rocks!


  • LANGUAGE:  mild; a light sprinkling of damns and GDs
  • SEXUALITY: medium; forced marriage with intercourse; a pregnant 13-year old “wife”; discussion of prostitution as a way of life for many girls
  • VIOLENCE: mild; mainly just some talk of body dissection in the basement (implied and never specifically described)
  • DRUGS/ ALCOHOL:teen “wives” drink wine at parties

FRONT COVER: GORGEOUS! The beautiful girl in a beautiful dress on the cover will make Wither an easy-sell in any library. 

SEQUEL: Fever (Expected publication date February, 2012)

STATUS IN MY LIBRARY: We have it, but I mainly talk it up with 8th grade girls (due to mature content)

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