Virtual Field Trip - Antarctica


This interactive virtual field trip is perfect for a student-directed lesson on Antarctica! Students choose from five reasons to travel to Antarctica. From there, students learn about animals, astronomical studies, South Pole expeditions, and more!

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See Antarctica Storytime for Grades K-2.


  • Recommended for: Grades 3-5
  • Lesson Duration: 50 minutes
  • Formats: Google Slides and PDF
  • Editable: Game is NOT editable; Recommended Reads and “Antarctica By the Numbers” have editable text.

***NOTE: If you have used my upper-elementary library lessons before, know that this Virtual Field Trip is not the same. It is designed so the students can play the entire game with minimal help from the teacher or librarian. The idea is to free you up to do other things while students are engaged in a self-directed, informative activity.


  • 67-slide interactive game; play in Google™ Slides
  • List of 19 recommended Antarctica books for Grades 3-5 (1 page PDF)
  • “Antarctica By the Numbers” Activity (1 page PDF)
  • Detailed, pre-filled, editable lesson plan; includes CC, TEKS, and AASL Standards (2 pages, PDF and PPT)
  • Google™ Classroom Basics (4 pages, PDF)


  • 14 Antarctica-related vocabulary words–includes adaptations, krill, volcano, blubber, pinniped, aurora australis, aurora borealis, polar, crustacean, carnivore, continent, meteor, meteorite, and lava lake
  • Antarctica on a world map of continents
  • Amundsen-Scott South Pole Research Station
  • Mount Erebus
  • Southern Ocean
  • Antarctica animals–whales, penguins, orcas, krill, seals
  • why polar bears cannot possibly eat penguins in nature
  • What schools, houses, roads, airports, and grocery stores are in Antarctica?
  • summer and winter in Antarctica–temperatures and sunlight
  • southern lights / aurora australis
  • why Antarctica is perfect for stargazing, meteors, and meteorites
  • South Pole expeditions (Amundsen and Scott expeditions)
  • Does the South Pole really exist?
  • tourism in Antarctica
  • Nearly all slides are illustrated with real photos of Antarctica.


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