Poetry Terms PowerPoint with Printable Packet


This PowerPoint contains everything you need to teach poetry terms and devices! The presentation also comes with a printable poetry packet for students and loads of contemporary song pairings, all of which coordinate with the terms in the PowerPoint.

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About the PowerPoint:

  • includes 57 slides (editable) + instructions
  • 30 poetry terms and devices include: alliteration, assonance, canto, connotation, consonance, couplet, denotation, end rhyme, foot, hyperbole, imagery, internal rhyme, lines, metaphor, meter, mood, onomatopoeia, personification, Petrarchan sonnet, repetition, rhyme, rhyme scheme, rhythm, simile, Shakespearean sonnets, stanzas, symbol, theme, tone
  • all slides contain photos
  • in the Notes section of the slides, you will find additional information about the device and the song pairings
  • most of the terms also contain suggested contemporary song pairings–play the songs for your students to help them identify and remember the poetry terms!

About the Poetry Packet:

  • 43 printable pages
  • editable in PowerPoint
  • includes 39 classic poems from Shakespeare, Dickinson, Poe, Frost, Millay, Hughes, Wheatley, and many more
  • packet includes a 3-page glossary section for students to fill out
  • the poems are referenced in the PowerPoint (some contain multiple references)
  • the poems include lots of room for students to take notes directly on the poem
  • non-editable PDF also included


Purchase this product now and earn 15 Points!
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