End of Year — Class Memories Game Template


Celebrate the end of school with this trivia game template! Add questions about your school and class memories over the school year. It’s perfect for the last day of school and end of the year class parties.

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IMPORTANT! This is a game template. It is not going to be ready to go “out of the box” like my other trivia games are. You will need to give yourself some time to add 25 questions and 25 answers about your class memories. I’ve included tips for creating questions, plus 73 sample questions to help.

Do you prefer an End-of-School-Year Trivia Game that is ready-to-go (requires no prep)? Try my End of School Year Summertime Trivia Game instead.

This game is also part of my Trivia Games Bundle. If you already own the bundle, login and go to ORDERS to see the game in your files.

Recommended for: Grades 2-6

Needed to open and edit this game:

  • PDF reader (8 pages for teacher use–you may want to print it)
  • PowerPoint (PPT 2016 or later is recommended)
  • screen or TV monitor so you can show the PPT to all students at the same time
  • Students do not need any materials to play.
  • Please note that this game uses features that are not currently available in Google Slides. If you upload to Google, know that when you click on the question number, it will not disappear from the game board.


How it works:

  • Decide if you want to play competitively (taking score) or non-competitively (no scores taken). See below for details.
  • Open the PPT in Normal view (so you can edit it).
  • Add your original questions to the question slides. Add the answers to the answer slides. The game is 100% ready to go after you add your questions/answers.
  • Give yourself some time to formulate questions! Remember that this is a template and not a completed game. The questions and answers are specific to your school and your class.
  • Check the “Tips + 73 Sample Questions” PDF (included) for help formulating questions.


Competitive vs. Non-Competitive Play

  • The game is set up for scoring, but you can also use it for non-scoring play.
  • If you decide to play with scoring, your questions will need to have definitive answers.
  • If you prefer to play without scores, your questions can be open-ended.


Sample Questions (definitive answers for scored play):

  • What is your teacher’s first name?
  • How many steps lead up to the front door of the building?
  • What date was the 100th Day of School?
  • What kind of animal ate lunch with us during our zoo field trip?
  • Which number is higher: the number of fish in the library aquarium, or the number of students in our class?


Sample Questions (open-ended answers for non-scored play):

  • What was your favorite book we read together this year? (you can give a list of possible books in the Answer slide)
  • If you could add any food to the cafeteria’s weekly menu next year, what would it be?
  • What advice would you give next year’s ___ graders to help them succeed in ___ grade?



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