Bookmark Art Starter Kit


Looking for a fun school-wide activity that will get your students excited about reading? This Bookmark Art Starter Kit contains everything you need to start a new tradition in your school!

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The Bookmark Art Starter Kit contains:
  • two promotional posters, both in PNG and PDF formats (not editable)
  • bookmark art template, editable in PowerPoint
  • voting ballots (four different designs), editable in PowerPoint
  • basic directions

How the Bookmark Art Contest works:

  • Students use the bookmark art templates to design their bookmarks. You can base the designs on a theme, or just let the kids go wild with their designs.
  • Allow about a month for students to decorate bookmarks and turn in their favorite bookmark design. Designating a creation station area in the library will increase the number of entries you receive.
  • On the designated Voting Day, number the bookmarks (space at the bottom of each bookmark template) and put all the bookmarks out on a table or countertop. The voting should be anonymous, so no one should write their name on the front of the bookmark.
  • Students vote for their favorites on the ballots.
  • Tally the votes!
  • The bookmarks that receive the most votes should be printed professionally through a local printer such as Staples or Office Depot. Be sure to use high-quality, thick bookmark paper. I usually print 50 bookmarks in 12-18 designs, depending on how many entries we receive.
  • The winning bookmark artists each get 15 of their own design to give to family and friends.
  • The remaining 35 of each bookmark stay in the library to give out to students.
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