Black Color Library Storytime – Preschool Kindergarten Library Lesson


This Black Color Library Storytime teaches students rhyming skills, counting syllables, the job of a book spine, animals that are black , and more! Perfect for elementary librarians on the specials rotation. Includes two parts: a whole-class discussion and a scrolling slideshow.

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My Library Storytime Lessons are the lessons I would have wanted when I was a new, overwhelmed, and exhausted school librarian.

  • new PreK-Grade 1 elementary librarians
  • PreK-Grade 1 librarians on Specials rotation
  • secondary teachers who are now elementary librarians
  • busy parents and/or library grad students who just don’t have time to create detailed storytime lessons


  • Recommended for: Grades PK-1
  • Lesson Duration: 1-2 library lessons (about 50 minutes total)
  • Formats: PPT, Google Slides, PDF
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable

***Please note that this presentation is designed to complement a read-aloud. The actual read-aloud story comes from you! I cannot include a recorded read-aloud due to copyright restrictions.


  • 37-slide PPT + Google™ Slides
  • List of black color-themed Recommended Reads (1 page PDF)
  • Scavenger Hunt Activity (1 page PDF)
  • Prep, set up, detailed lesson plan (7 pages, PDF)
  • Detailed, pre-filled, editable lesson plan; includes CC, TEKS, and AASL Standards (2 pages, PDF and PPT)
  • Google™ Classroom Basics (4 pages, PDF)
  • Instructions on how to set up PPT slide timings for digital bulletin boards (2 pages, PDF)


  • Oral review of book spine
  • Nursery rhyme (“The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”)
  • Links to five short black color-themed videos for kids
  • “Black” and “spider” in American Sign Language (includes demo links)
  • “Black” in four languages (French, Spanish, German, Indonesian)
  • identifying black objects around the school
  • Who is wearing black today?
  • 5 ways to say black
  • Black is the absence of light
  • First names that mean black color
  • words that rhyme (and do not rhyme) with black
  • counting syllables in “black” and “spider”
  • library books with black covers – you add your own
  • black flowers and animals (special emphasis on black panthers and black bears)
  • superstition – Do black cats cause bad luck?
  • Word of the Week: “obsidian”
  • black idioms: “blackout” (as in electricity outage) and “pitch black”
  • One “This or That” for the color black
  • black flowers
  • All slides are illustrated with real photos and clipart for PK-1.


  • Includes blackline clipart from Part II of the presentation (the scrolling slideshow).
  • Students can color the images from the scrolling slideshow.
  • All images are labeled with the names of each object.


  • Includes picture books and nonfiction for PreK-Grade 1.
  • All titles are black-themed!
  • total of 15 titles
  • includes small images from the presentation
  • titles are editable, so you can customize the books included for your library
  • All titles were hand-selected by a veteran school librarian for quality, diversity, positive professional reviews, and currency.

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