Discounts, Sales, and Points

Welcome to the MrsReaderPants blog store! This store opened in May 2019, and I am still in the process of adding products from my MrsReaderPants TPT store. If you do not find the product you are looking for here, please check there.

MrsReaderPants Blog Store versus MrsReaderPants on TPT

The MrsReaderPants blog store is not “in competition” with my TPT store; it is simply another option available to make purchasing easier.  All prices are the same in both shops, and I participate in all TPT site-wide sales both here and in my TPT store.

One major difference, however, is that you can create customized bundles only in my MrsReaderPants blog store. Keep reading for details!


Mix-and-Match Bundle Discounts

Interested in customizing your own bundle? You can do that in my blog store only! I do offer some pre-made bundles on TPT, but in the blog store, you can create your own bundles with the following discounts:

  • 10% off any purchase of $50-$99
  • 20% off any purchase of $100+
  • Discount is taken automatically at checkout.



The MrsReaderPants blog store also participates in all TPT site-wide sales. TPT site-wide sales are 25% off the entire store and typically occur four times each year. Any discount offered in my TPT store is also offered simultaneously in my blog store.

Earning Loyalty Points

Earn one point for every dollar you spend in my blog store! For example, if you spend $5, you will earn 5 points to redeem for future purchases. Earn 20 points and get $1 off your next purchase. Earn additional points by registering a new account and reviewing products you’ve purchased.

You can view and redeem your points at checkout. The points feature is only available on my blog store (TPT does not currently offer this option).