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This A-Z trivia game is mega-fun for Zoom distance learning or face-to-face! To play, simply share your screen with students, just as you would with a normal PowerPoint. Great for down time, lunch competitions, and end-of-year parties.

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See a video demo (YouTube link)

Recommended for: Grades 6-9

Needed to play:

  • PowerPoint
  • ability to project your screen or Zoom software (for distance learning)
  • paper and pen for keeping score (students can do this)
  • optional: quirky prizes from the dollar store

How I use this game in the library:

My student love my trivia games and get so excited when I have a new one! I’ve used them with Grades 6-9 during library time or for library lunch competitions. I do give prizes (they love quirky stuff from the dollar store!), which really helps to ramp up the competition.

My students play in teams, and I ask the “team captains” to keep track of the scores on a piece of paper. Team play is best unless you only have a small number of students playing.

Distance learning? Here’s how to play this game in Zoom:

  • open the PowerPoint
  • share your screen
  • students select a letter from the game board (slide 4)
  • click on the letter to see the question
  • click “answer” to view the answer
  • click “return to game board” to go back to the game board (slide 4)
  • Once selected, letters on the game board will disappear. This means students cannot accidentally select the same letter twice.
  • teacher controls the game–no need to send it to your students
  • teacher or students can keep track of scores
  • if the letters do not disappear when clicked, try using the “older versions of PPT” version (included)

IMPORTANT! For best results, please open this game with PowerPoint 2016. If you open in Keynote, Google Slides, or some other program, the clicked letters may not disappear from the game board as they should. I included a converted version of the game in the file for older versions of PowerPoint (common on school computers).

About the game:

  • 26 questions and answers (56 slides)
  • 99% editable. Everything is editable except the art work on the game board (slide 4) and two other images. All text is editable, and nearly all images can be resized, moved, or deleted.
  • It’s visual! Nearly every slide contains photographs.
  • All but two images are public domain. That means that, except for those two, all images can be moved, resized, deleted, or replaced with something else.


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20% off $100 Discount
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