Veterans Day Library Lesson


Need a fun, informative library lesson for Veterans Day? This PowerPoint presentation is chock-full of fun facts about Veterans Day, US-involved wars, and US national monuments. Also includes 18 military themed booktalks. Editable.

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NOTE: This presentation is very USA-centric. I mention Remembrance Day in a few slides, but the majority of this presentation is about the US military, US national monuments, and US history.

This product combines my middle and high school Digital Bulletin Boards into one large presentation. Many secondary librarians have been purchasing both the middle school and high school versions of my Digital Bulletin Boards for each weekly theme. Combining them into one product saves you money and time. I’ve covered all secondary grade levels here, from 6-12.


Needed to open and editGoogle™ Slides OR PowerPoint; ability to open PDF documents

Recommended for Grades6-12

What’s Included:

  • 67 PPT slides + Google™ Slides link (all text is editable)
  • 1-page Recommended Reads (editable, hand out to teachers, students, and parents)
  • Basic Google Classroom directions
  • How to set PPT slide timings directions


About the Presentation:

  • The first two slides are directions for teachers/librarians and should be deleted
  • All text is editable in PPT and Google™ Drive. Images have been flattened to protect the copyright.
  • Scroll the presentation using automatic timings.
  • This presentation can be used as a communication device, a library booktalk, or both.
  • All slides are in 11″ X 8.5″ letter-size (landscape), which allows for easy printing, if desired.


67 PPT + Google Slides include:

  • What is Veterans Day
  • Veterans Day versus Memorial Day
  • how students can honor veterans
  • Why was Armistice Day renamed to Veterans Day?
  • sacrifices that veterans make in order to serve
  • reasons why people join the military
  • vocabulary word: ballistics
  • Remembrance Day & wearing poppies
  • V-E and V-J Day
  • “What do you think?” question (Should US presidents have military service?)
  • women soldiers in the Civil War
  • Tuskegee Airmen
  • Triple Nickles Paratroopers
  • Rosie the Riveter
  • features multiple national monuments: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Marine Corps Veterans Memorial, USS Constitution, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Pearl Harbor
  • Staff Spotlight: veterans on school faculty and staff (3 slides)
  • 18 book recommendations for Grades 6-12 (18 slides)
  • Would You Rather… (2 slides)
  • trivia questions with answers (6 slides)
  • Daily and weekly schedule
  • Announcements
  • Coming Soon…
  • Reminders


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Purchase this product now and earn 6 Points!
20% off $100 purchase