Venezuela Country Study | Google Classroom


Distance learning for World Geography! This Venezuela Country Study is perfect for secondary social studies or Spanish language classes studying South American countries. It’s all ready to go — no prep required!


These are great for homeschool! I use them with my homeschooled 7th and 9th grade boys, and they have learned a TON from these weekly country studies.

This Venezuela Country Study includes:

  • 3 printable PDF activities (3 pages, not editable)
  • 1-page Venezuela-at-a-glance fill-in activity
  • Venezuela crossword
  • “What’s Your Venezuela IQ?”–trivia/research questions
  • answer keys for all activities (4 pages)
  • interactive Google™ Slides presentation about Venezuela
  • 28 slides
  • 12 comprehension questions–students type directly on the slides
  • nearly all slides contain photographs or colorful maps
  • not editable

Students will learn about:

  • Venezuela location on a map, borders
  • Venezuela flag
  • capital city
  • climate
  • plants and wildlife–biodiversity hotspot!
  • economy–main exports
  • education–literacy rate, compulsory schooling
  • religion
  • landforms–Angel Falls, tepui (flat-topped mountains), Andes Mountains, Lake Maracaibo
  • official language
  • government & president
  • national hero Simon Bolivar
  • Venezuela today–economic crisis, deforestation, ELN, trafficking

Needed to use these activities:

  • printer for the PDF activities
  • teacher Google™ Classroom account
  • student Google™ Classroom accounts
  • internet connection
  • students will need a computer or tablet
  • optional: colored pencils (1 PDF activity has optional coloring areas)
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