Valentine's Day Trivia Game (Grades 4-7)


This Valentine’s Day Trivia Game includes 25 multiple-choice questions across five categories. Most questions are science- or literature-based, but a few relate to social studies and other topics. It’s great for class parties! Recommended for Grades 4-7.

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This Valentine’s Day Trivia Game includes:

  • 52-slide, fully-illustrated PowerPoint game (editable)
  • 5-page printable questions (questions are the same as in the game) (PDF, not editable)
  • 5-page answer key (PDF, not editable)

Sample question from each category:

  • When they are born, flamingos have gray feathers. What makes them turn pink over time? (Pink, Red, & White category)
  • What is the largest artery in the human body? (Hearts category)
  • What Pennsylvania town is sometimes called “Chocolatetown, USA” and “The Sweetest Place on Earth”? (Chocolate category)
  • Helium balloons float because… (Balloons category)
  • In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, why were the gardeners painting the roses red? (Roses category)

What’s editable

All questions, answers, and public domain images in the PowerPoint game. If you don’t like a question or the way it’s worded, you can change it!

What’s not editable

clip art images on Slides 4-5

IMPORTANT TIPThough you can add, reorder, or delete slides, I recommend you make these kinds of changes very carefully. Adding, deleting, or reordering slides could easily alter the slide links within the game (for example, the pink HOME button will link to the wrong page if you add, reorder, or delete slides).

DifficultySome questions are easy, and others are more difficult. All of the questions are multiple-choice. I recommend this for Grades 4-7, but as it’s editable, teachers could tweak it for use with younger students.

I’ve also included printable questions + an answer key. This is beneficial because:

  • The answer key gives teachers the ability to see the answers before they are shown to students (you could give hints about the answers before showing the answer slides).
  • The printable questions could be helpful for students who cannot see the slides from their seat.
  • The printable questions could be given to students as a research activity before playing the game.


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