Trojan War | Google Classroom


Teaching the Trojan War online? It seems impossible for such a complex time period, but this Google™ Classroom presentation and study guide have everything you need to walk students through the Trojan War. Excellent for introducing The Odyssey!

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This presentation includes two main products: The Google™ Slides presentation and the Google™ Forms study guide.

The Google™ Slides presentation

  • 45 slides
  • all slides illustrated; most with classic artwork
  • includes six quotations from The Iliad, given in context with the story
  • thoroughly researched; includes references and citations
  • not editable

The Google™ Form study guide

  • can be used as a study guide, quiz, or test
  • Google™ Form is 27 multiple-choice questions + 2 discussion questions
  • includes 4-page printable PDF version (same questions as the Google™ Form except these are fill-in-the-blank)
  • PDF is not editable; Google™ Form can be edited

Also includes:

  • Study guide answer key (4 pages, not editable)
  • Basic guide to using Google™ Classroom (3 pages, not editable)

Needed to use these activities:

  • Google™ Classroom teacher login
  • Google™ Classroom student logins
  • printer if you want to use the printable PDF
  • internet connection
  • students will need a computer, laptop, or tablet

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