Toilet Talkers -- Elementary Set 3


Toilet Talkers are a passive book promotion program for libraries and classrooms. Print and place the book posters around the school (bathrooms, hallways, water fountains), or scroll them digitally in the library or hallway.

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  • Grade 3-6 librarians
  • Grade 3-6 language arts classrooms


  • Recommended for: Grades 3-6
  • Lesson Duration: This is a passive program. It is not a lesson.
  • Formats: PPT, Google Slides, PDF
  • Editable: YES, everything is editable (including the book covers)


  • 18 Toilet Talkers–18 pages–letter-sized for easy printing
  • Locations sheet–2 pages, PDF–This helps you recall where your Toilet Talkers are within the school (students frequently ask for a book by the Toilet Talker location in the building–e.g., “I want the book in the girls’ bathroom in C-Hall.”). Record your locations on this sheet and save your student a trip to find the title.


All Toilet Talkers in this set represent fiction titles for Grades 3-6 published in 2021. Titles selected were carefully curated to include a wide variety of ethnicities, genders, settings, and genres. All titles received positive and/or starred professional reviews from leading library journals.

  • The Golden Hour (Niki Smith)
  • Tidesong (Wendy Xu)
  • The Sleepover (Michael Regina)
  • Stuck (Jennifer Swender)
  • The Swag is in the Socks (Kelly J. Baptist)
  • Manu (Kelly Fernandez)
  • The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams (Mindy Thompson)
  • Imaginary (Lee Bacon)
  • Frankie & Bug (Gayle Forman)
  • Across the Desert (Dusti Bowling)
  • Children of the Fox (Kevin Sands)
  • Playing the Cards You’re Dealt (Varian Johnson)
  • The Cursed Carnival and Other Calamities (various authors)
  • Garlic and the Vampire (Bree Paulsen)
  • How to Win a Slime War (Mae Respicio)
  • A Soft Place to Land (Janae Marks)
  • The List of Unspeakable Fears (J. Kasper Kramer)
  • Born Behind Bars (Padma Venkatraman)


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