Library Resources Brochure


Does your school library subscribe to multiple online databases? If your school is like mine, your teachers and students struggle to remember to use the databases. Enter the library resources brochure!


How to Use the Library Resources Brochure:

After you download the brochure, click in the text boxes to add your own library database descriptions, URLs, and logins. Change the library contact information on the front, and voilà! You now have polished, professional brochure to give out to your library patrons anytime they need it.

This handy guide is designed to print front-to-back. Print and tri-fold the brochure and keep it in a prominent location in the school library. I keep copies of the brochure on my library circulation desk to encourage parents, teachers, and students to take as many and as often as they need. I even encourage them to keep them in multiple locations if that will help them to remember the databases.

What’s editable and what’s not:

All text and borders in the Library Resources Brochure are 100% editable in PowerPoint. The clipart is not editable, but you can remove it completely by removing the background image in PowerPoint.

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