Library Fundraiser | Read-A-Thon


Has your library budget been cut? Need money to buy the things your students want for the library? This kit makes it easy to set up a Read-A-Thon fundraiser. It includes an editable PowerPoint, Pledge Sheet, Reading Tracking Sheet, and full directions.

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What is a Library Read-A-Thon fundraiser?

School library budgets are cut all. the. time. It’s a terrible shame, but is a reality for far too many school libraries.

In a Library Read-A-Thon fundraiser, students collect small pledges for each minute they read during a specific time period. Let’s say a student’s grandmother pledges 3 cents per minute that her granddaughter reads for the Read-A-Thon. If the granddaughter reads a total of 200 minutes, the grandmother would donate $6 to the school library.

The great part about a Library Read-A-Thon fundraiser is that even though the amounts donated may be small, a school-wide Read-A-Thon fundraiser can have a lot of participation. When you have a lot of participation, even the smallest donations can add up to a big boost to your library budget.

The kit includes:

  • PowerPoint introduction for students (9 slides, fully-editable)
  • Read-A-Thon Pledge sheets (2 pages, mostly editable)
  • Reading Trackers (2 pages, mostly editable)
  • 3 pages of directions, tips, and ideas

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Purchase this product now and earn 4 Points!
20% off $100 purchase