History of Censorship PowerPoint



This 20-slide PowerPoint gives a brief history of censorship and is perfect for high school Banned Books Week. It includes an introduction to censorship and nine historical incidents of censorship from political and religious leaders. 100% editable.

How accurate is the information in this presentation?

  • The information in the History of Censorship PowerPoint was thoroughly researched using peer-reviewed journals from Academic Search Premier and EbscoHost databases.
  • The Works Cited page appears on the final slide.
  • Each slides also includes full bibliographic citations in the Notes section.
  • All images are public domain.

Is this presentation editable?

Yes, all text and images are 100% editable and movable.

The History of Censorship PowerPoint includes:

  • What is censorship?
  • Who are the censors?
  • How does censorship differ from book banning?
  • What is book burning and how is it used symbolically?
  • Why are books censored and/or banned?
  • 9 historical censorship events (see preview for full list)

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