Simple Compound Complex | Google Classroom | Distance Learning


This Google™ Slides activity reviews simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. Eight slides are instructional, and 12 slides are multiple-choice practice for students. Perfect for distance learning and homeschool practice.

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This activity is also available as a Boom™ Cards Deck! Click here to view.

Recommended for: Grades 5-8

This Google™ Slides activity:

  • Total slides: 46
  • Cover & intro slides: 2
  • Teaching slides: 8
  • Student practice slides: 12
  • “Try again” and “Correct” feedback slides: 24

What will students learn from this activity?

  • review independent and dependent clauses (2 slides)
  • review structures for simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences (4 slides)
  • Clause practice (2 slides, multiple-choice)
  • FANBOYS mnemonic (1 slide)
  • Subordinating Conjunctions song (1 slide)
  • Determine if the sentence is simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex (10 slides, multiple-choice)

Needed to use this product:

  • teacher Google™ Classroom account
  • student Google™ Classroom accounts
  • internet connection
  • To play, students will need a computer or tablet

More about this product:

  • If you purchase this product, you will receive a PDF that includes a force-copy link to add the Slides to your Google™ Classroom account
  • includes 3-page Google™ Classroom basic instructions

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Purchase this product now and earn 3 Points!
20% off $100 purchase