Genre Trivia Game BOOM Cards | Distance Learning


This is the BOOM adaptation of my popular Genre Trivia Game, available on in my store as a PowerPoint game. The original Genre Trivia Game is designed for team play. This BOOM deck is designed for individual play. Great for distance learning!


Not sure if this BOOM deck is right for your students? Click here to test out the first four cards in BOOM.

Needed to use this product:

  • teacher BOOM Learning account (free or paid)
  • student BOOM accounts (free–teachers create student logins in their BOOM Learning Classroom)
  • decent internet connection
  • To play, students will need a computer, tablet, smartboard, or Boom Cards phone app

This BOOM deck contains:

  • 25 question cards
  • 25 answer explanation cards (all contain full-color images)
  • 100% paperless–you will receive a link to add the BOOM cards to your decks

More about the BOOM Cards:

  • If you purchase this product, you will receive a PDF that includes a link to the BOOM cards.
  • You will need a BOOM Learning account to use this product. BOOM Learning is free for teachers and students. If you want to be able to download reports (used for grading student work), you will need a paid account.

BOOM Cards give immediate feedback!

I do not recommend that you grade this particular deck, but if you choose to do so, BOOM will grade them for you (reports are available in paid accounts only). I recommend using this game as an ungraded, fun teaching and review tool.

PLEASE NOTE: The 25 answer cards give more information about the correct answer. After they read an answer card, students will click on “next” to go to the next question card. Students will get a correct answer simply for clicking on “next.” If you do plan to grade the student cards, know that 50% of the answers will be “correct” simply because students clicked NEXT to go to the next question card.


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