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I Have Who Has games are an easy way to get all students to focus and participate. Use this set of 28 cards for classroom genre review or library lessons for students in Grades 4-7. Includes editable cards, full directions, and answer key.

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Is this product digital?

No. It is a face-to-face game. If you are looking for a distance learning activity for genre, check out my Choose Your Own Genre game for Google Slides.

Do students need to share materials? Can they socially-distance?

Each student will have his/her own card. Students can sit 6 feet apart, but they will need to project their voices when reading. This is great practice for students who mumble!

Recommended for: Grades 4-7

Some of the genres, such as steampunkdystopia, and space opera, will be new to many students. This is a great opportunity to introduce students to genres they may not have heard of before!

Product includes:

  • 28 “I have…who has…?” cards (7 slides, editable in PPT)
  • prep instructions, game play directions, and tips (2 slides, part of the cards PPT)
  • answer key (3 pages, PDF, editable)

Needed to use this product:

  • Paper or cardstock. The cards print on 7 pages, but I recommend printing at least one extra copy in case the cards tear or get lost.
  • PowerPoint–to open, edit, and print the cards.
  • Scissors or paper slicer–to cut out the cards. They print 4 to a page and can be cut along simple, straight lines.
  • Printer–does not require color ink.

Genres include: short stories, fantasy, biography, graphic novels, classic literature, drama/plays, autobiography, realistic fiction, poetry or free verse, collected biography, fiction, adventure, sports fiction, historical fiction, romance, steampunk, retelling, reference, mythology, horror, space opera, humor, fact books, nonfiction, science fiction, dystopia, mystery, and genre.


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