Genre Personality Test Bundle


Remember all those magazine quizzes we took as teens? This reading personality test is styled after those quizzes. Students LOVE this activity! It’s a fun, no-prep way to help students identify which reading genres are best for them.

Click to see a video demo of the MS/HS version on YouTube.

Click here to see the Elementary version demo on YouTube.

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This set includes BOTH the elementary version and the secondary version.

The two versions are similar, but they are not the same. There are differences in the answer choices, plus two of the Personalities are different. In the elementary version, we have The Hero and The Bestie. In the secondary, the comparable personalities are The Activist and The Amigue. The two versions feature similar questions, but the answer choices are not the same.

If you only want the elementary version (grades 3-6), click here.

If you only want the secondary version (grades 6-12), click here.

If you want posters to show off each Personality, click here for elementary and here for secondary.



  • Elementary version recommended for: Grades 3-6
  • Secondary version recommended for: Grades 6-10
  • Number of slides: 72 PPT slides + 72 Google Slides
  • Number of printable pages: 147
  • Technology requirements: computer + projector + screen or wall (to use the PowerPoint), copier, paper if using the printable quiz, Google Classroom if distance learning
  • Supplies needed for students: pen or pencil + one piece of paper; Google Classroom if distance learning
  • Lesson Duration: 2 lessons of 45 minutes each (you could delete 2-3 questions if you have less time)


  • PowerPoint quizzes for both ES and MS/HS versions–72 slides total, all answer choices are editable
  • Four double-sided readalike bookmarks for each of 12 Genre Personalities. One side is the Genre Personality description; the other side is a list of recommended book titles; sorted by age group (early elementary, upper-elementary, middle school, high school and beyond). All the bookmarks are fully-editable in PowerPoint. Editable PDF is of each is also included. (72 pages, editable)
  • Printable & editable quizzes for both the ES and MS/HS versions–Students can write their answers on the printable as they take the PPT quiz. Includes 3-page quiz and 1-page “My Genre Personality” Reflections sheet. (8 pages; PDF and Google Slides versions; editable in PDF; the Reflections Sheet also includes a Google Forms version)
  • Full-page Genre Personality Profiles— This is a larger version of the bookmarks, but it also includes color illustrations. All suggested book titles are editable, so you can make the recommendations fit your library. Includes Grades K-3, Grades 3-6, middle school, and high school and beyond Profiles (48 pages, PDF and Google Slides; book titles are editable)
  • Lesson Plan–Detailed, step-by-step instructions for prep, Day 1, Day 2, and after Day 2. Includes digital and face-to-face lesson plans. (9 pages, PDF; not editable)
  • Printable Genre Personality description cards–4 pages each for MS/HS and ES (8 pages, not editable)
  • Printable answer key–Needed if you use the printable quiz. The PowerPoint includes separate slides for each Genre Personality (2 pages, not editable)


  • The Questioner
  • The Escapist
  • The Innovator
  • The Realist
  • The Erudite
  • The Thrill-Seeker
  • The Comedian
  • The Bestie (elementary only)
  • The Amigue (MS/HS only)
  • The Hero (elementary only)
  • The Activist (MS/HS only)
  • The Artist
  • The Sports Fan
  • The Naturalist


  • Right now, you would rather be…
  • You read because…
  • You love movies that…
  • Pick a career…
  • Choose a place…
  • You’d like to meet…
  • Which sounds interesting…
  • Pick a pet…
  • Pick some clothes…
  • What’s in your backpack?
  • Which emojis appeal to you most?

Each Genre Personality is described on its own slide at the end. Multiple genre recommendations are given for each genre personality.


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