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Middle school students love trivia games! This book genre activity works great during library time, English class, during lunch, or after school to help students learn about and review popular library genres. It’s all editable, with zero prep for you.

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IMPORTANT! For best results, please open this game with PowerPoint 2016. If you open in Keynote, Google Slides, or some other program, the dollar amounts may not disappear from the game board as they should. I included a converted version of the game in the file for older versions of PowerPoint.

Needed to open and edit this file:

  • PowerPoint (2016 or later is best, but I’ve also included a converted file for older versions of PowerPoint)

Included in the download:

  • PowerPoint game–PPT 2016 or later
  • PowerPoint game–older versions of PPT (1997-2003–this is frequently installed on school district computers)
  • directions for game play (Slide 3 of the PPT)
  • TOUs

Recommended for: Grades 5-8

About the game:

  • 25 questions and answers (50 slides)
  • 5 categories: Mystery, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, and Potpourri
  • 99% editable. Everything is editable except the art work on the game board (slide 4).
  • Dollar amounts for each question disappear after the question is selected. This ensures students do not select the same question twice. For example, if a student selects “Mystery for $200,” the question will be revealed. Upon return to the game board, the “Mystery for $200” square will no longer be visible.
  • Every question and answer slide has a photo or image to go with it.
  • Includes over 50 images, most of which are public domain. That means they can be moved, resized, deleted, or replaced with something else.


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20% off $100 Discount
30% off $150 or more
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