Digital Storytime | Friendship


This library lesson for storytime has a Friendship theme. The 27 PPT and Google™ Slides and can be used for face to face or distance learning. Slides include: book talks, fun facts, vocabulary, discussions, and more. Story not included. Editable.


My Digital Storytime presentations will save you so much time! I design them specifically for new elementary librarians, especially those who are on the Specials rotation and/or are simply busy parents who just do not have time to create detailed storytime lessons.


  • Recommended for: Grades K-2
  • Lesson Duration: one library lesson (about 30-40 minutes)
  • Formats: PPT, Google Slides, PDF
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable


  • 27-slide PPT + Google™ Slides (most text is editable)
  • List of recommended Friendship read-alouds (1 page PDF; 5 titles per grade for K-2)
  • Detailed explanation of how I have used themed storytime lessons like this one on the “Specials” rotation. (10 pages, PDF)
  • Google™ Classroom Basics and instructions on how to set up PPT slide timings for digital bulletin boards (6 pages, PDF)


  • Link to a YouTube playlist of songs with a friendship theme
  • “friend” in multiple languages + American Sign Language
  • There are four discussions about being a friend in the Optional Storytime Slides (see below). Pick one or two of these to move up to the Storytime Slides if you want to expand Storytime.


  • 5 visual booktalks; all are picture books about friendship
  • Vocabulary word, definition, and synonyms: companion
  • 2 “Did you know…?” slides
  • Friend of the school: Meet the school custodian
  • What good friends do
  • What good friends do not do
  • How to tell if a friend is having fun
  • How to tell if a friend is not having fun
  • Tips for approaching and making a new friend


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