Digital Library Lesson -- Endangered Animals


This Digital Library Lesson helps your students understand why animals are endangered and what we can do to help. Only one slide is about Earth Day, so it can be used year-round. Includes two differentiated PDF scavenger hunts. Editable.

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Recommended for: Grades K-6

Number of pages: 76

Editable: Yes, all text is editable

Formats: PPT, Google Slides, and PDF

Duration: 1-2 class periods (45 minutes each)



  • 72 PPT + Google™ Slides
    • 22 slides are whole class discussion slides that about endangered species, threat classifications, why some species are dying, and what we can do to help
    • 47 slides are “scrolling presentation” slides that are great for extending lessons or scrolling in the library during checkout and downtimes.
    • all text is editable


  • Scavenger hunt (3 pages)–Students can complete these as they watch the presentation. They are looking for information and objects. Includes two hunts, one easier and one more difficult. Text is editable. Includes answer key.


  • Recommended reading (1 page)–This is a printable list of the books featured in the presentation. Text is editable, so you can tailor it to your library collection.


  • Detailed explanation of how I have used themed library lessons like this one for storytime on the “Specials” rotation. (10 pages, PDF)


  • Google™ Classroom Basics (4 pages, PDF)


  • Instructions on how to set up PPT slide timings for digital bulletin boards (2 pages, PDF)


  • Detailed prep instructions and lesson plan (2 pages)


22 Class Discussion Slides Include:

  • sign language slide and “how-to” video link (“earth”)
  • What is a species?
  • threat classifications–least concern, endangered, critically endangered, and extinct.
  • real photos of animals in each threat classification
  • list of reasons why animals are threatened
  • what we can do to help threatened animals
  • Every slide in the presentation is illustrated with brightly-colored, high-resolution clipart for K-2.


Digital Bulletin Board Slides include:

  • 47 slides for Grades K-6
  • 5 “What am I?” slides (students guess which animal is in a partially-covered photo)
  • facts, information, and photos of orangutans, rhinos, Galapagos tortoises, Yangtze softshell river turtles, red-eared slider turtles, manatees, and pangolins
  • 14 visual booktalks; includes picture books, informational picture books, middle grade fiction, and 1 poetry book–all are endangered animal-themed
  • “This or That?”
  • vocabulary words: poach and deforestation
  • this week’s birthdays
  • weekly schedule and agenda
  • checkout reminders (you add your own!)


Scavenger Hunt:

  • two versions, differentiated
  • gives students something to look for while slides scroll
  • editable text in PowerPoint and PDF


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Purchase this product now and earn 7 Points!
20% off $100 purchase