Book Quote Posters | Elementary Set #1


Are you tired of your elementary school students checking out the same popular books over and over? This set of 12 book quote posters contains quotations from award-winning books for elementary school readers.


This Book Quote Posters set includes:

  • 12 book quotation posters for elementary school readers
  • 12 double-sided bookmarks (Side 1: book quotation and front cover image; Side 2: 18-38 readalike titles for elementary readers)

Titles include:

  • A Handful of Stars (Cynthia Lord, 2015)
  • Pax (Sara Pennypacker, 2016)
  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon (Kelly Barnhill, 2016)
  • Towers Falling (Jewell Parker Rhodes, 2016)
  • The Last Kids on Earth (Max Brallier, 2015)
  • Ada’s Violin (Susan Hood, 2016)
  • Whoosh!: Lonnie Johnson’s SUPER-SOAKING Stream of Inventions (Chris Barton, 2016)
  • The Princess and the Warrior (Duncan Tonatiuh, 2016)
  • Real Friends (Shannon Hale, 2017)
  • Spy Ski School (Stuart Gibbs, 2016)
  • Game Changer: John McClendon and the Secret Game (John Coy, 2015)
  • Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters (Michael James Mahin, 2017)

About the readalike bookmarks:

  • All readalike titles were selected by a school librarian and certified teacher
  • Bookmarks are 100% editable with PowerPoint
  • The bookmarks are also a collection development tool! I cross-checked every title on the bookmarks to ensure every title I listed has received starred or positive professional reviews
  • As of early-January 2018, all titles on the bookmarks are currently in-print and available on Titlewave and Amazon
  • All titles are recommended by professional reviewers (i.e., librarians writing for review journals) for the grade levels I recommend on the bookmarks

Tips for using this set:

  • You can print the bookmarks front-to-back.
  • The images on the bookmarks are editable. You can replace the images to match the front cover of the book that is in your library.
  • The posters are high-resolution and can be printed quite large without losing clarity. For best quality, print the posters from the included PNG images, not from the editable PowerPoint.

Terms of Use:

  • This set is for individual use and classroom or library display only.
  • The poster fonts and background images were purchased and used within the creator’s terms of use. They should not be modified or reproduced.
  • Please do not post the bookmarks or posters anywhere online.


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