Bolivia -- Presentation and Printables


What do students know about Bolivia? Probably nothing! This 38-slide presentation includes gorgeous photos and information about the country of Bolivia! Includes printables and editable PPT and Google Slides versions.

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3 printable PDF activities

  • Bolivia at-a-glance fill-in activity (1 page)
  • Bolivia crossword (1 page)
  • “What’s Your Bolivia IQ?”–trivia/research questions (1 page)
  • includes answer keys for all activities (3 pages)
  • PDF activities are not editable


Interactive Google™ Slides presentation

  • 38 slides
  • 11 comprehension questions–students type directly on the slides
  • external links to more information
  • nearly all slides contain real photographs or colorful maps–no “cutesy” clipart
  • Body text is editable; images have been flattened
  • Answer key included (1 page)
  • PowerPoint is also included, but it is not interactive.


Students will learn about:

  • Bolivia location on a map, land borders
  • Bolivia flag
  • two capital cities (La Paz and Sucre)
  • 3 major cities: La Paz, Sucre, and Santa Cruz
  • climate
  • plants and animals
  • economy–industries, poverty, difficulties caused by Bolivia’s location
  • religion
  • languages
  • Bolivia in the news (includes Covid-19; teacher will need to update (or delete) this slide before teaching
  • health care, health concerns, and life expectancy
  • literacy rate, percentage of children in school, compulsory ages
  • landforms–Amazon River Basin, Andes Mountains, Antiplano
  • things to do–Lake Titicaca, Laguna Colorada, Salar de Uyuni (salt flats), Madidi National Park, Incan ruins at Tiwanaku
  • unitary government, and compulsory voting
  • Bolivia today–problems and challenges


Needed to use these activities:

  • printer for the PDF activities
  • teacher Google™ Classroom account
  • student Google™ Classroom accounts
  • internet connection
  • students will need a computer or tablet
  • optional: colored pencils (PDF activities have optional coloring areas)


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Purchase this product now and earn 6 Points!
20% off $100 purchase