Back to School Storytime Bundle


Save 10% with the bundle! This set of 10 Digital Storytimes can be used for face-to-face and distance learning. The whole set includes over 360 PPT and Google Slides, plus a separate list of 15 read-alouds for each theme.


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Digital Storytime | Welcome to the Library

This digital storytime works for face to face and distance learning! This 29-slide presentation walks you right through the year's first library lesson for lower-elementary. Doubles as a digital bulletin board.


Digital Storytime | Friendship

This library lesson for storytime has a Friendship theme. The 27 PPT and Google™ Slides and can be used for face to face or distance learning. Slides include: book talks, fun facts, vocabulary, discussions, and more. Story not included. Editable.


Library Storytime -- Book Care

This library storytime lesson introduces the essentials of book care! Includes: washing hands, pets, babies, water, food, backpacks, and more! Storytime read-aloud not included. Editable.


Digital Storytime | Book and Body Parts

Need a library lesson that teaches the parts of a book? This low-prep, K-2 digital storytime can be used for in-person or distance learning. The 37 PPT and Google Slides walk you right through a body-and-book-parts-themed storytime. Editable.


Digital Storytime Grandparents Day | Distance Learning

Celebrate Grandparents Day in the library with this Digital Storytime! This K-2 library lesson includes a storytime song, sign language, interactive slides, booktalk slides, fun facts, and a list of 18 recommended picture books for reading aloud. Editable.


Alphabet Library Storytime -- Letter M

This Digital Storytime is all about the Letter M! This 30-slide PPT and Google™ Slides library lesson works for face to face or distance learning. Slides include: M animals, foods, months, colors, and songs. Storytime read-aloud not included. Editable.


Digital Storytime Autumn | Distance Learning

Bring on autumn! This Digital Storytime is great in the library or for distance learning (Google Slides). It includes a detailed autumn-themed storytime presentation with songs, sign language, discussion slides, book recommendations, and fun facts.


Digital Storytime -- Mexico -- Hispanic Heritage Month

This digital library lesson works great for distance learning or face-to-face. This is the 8th storytime in this series, and it's all about Mexico! It's perfect for celebrating Mexico's Independence Day (Sep 16) and Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep 15-Oct 15).


Library Storytime -- Fiction and Nonfiction

What's the difference between fiction and nonfiction? It's not always easy for to tell! This digital library lesson walks you through a storytime about the differences between fiction and nonfiction picture books. Includes PPT and Google Slides.



Digital Library Lesson -- News Media

This Digital Library Lesson walks you through a storytime about news media. Slides emphasize parts of a newspaper, fact vs opinion, and fake news. Includes seven book recommendation slides and a separate list of 15 storytime read-alouds.



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  • Recommended for: Grades K-2
  • Lesson Duration: 1-2 library lessons (about 50 minutes total)
  • Formats: PPT, Google Slides, PDF
  • Editable: YES, all text is editable

***Please note that these presentations are designed to complement a read-aloud. The actual read-aloud story comes from you! I cannot include a recorded read-aloud due to copyright restrictions.


  • Welcome to the Library
  • Friendship
  • Library Book Care
  • The Letter M
  • Parts of a Book
  • Grandparents Day
  • Autumn
  • Mexico (great for Hispanic Heritage Month in Sept-Oct)
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  • News Media


  • Detailed directions for librarian/teachers
  • Storytime lesson (it walks you through the entire lesson!)–editable body text
  • Scrolling slides–editable body text
  • Printable list of 15 recommended read-alouds to complement each theme (great to hand out to teachers and parents!)
  • Special instructions for librarians on the Specials rotation


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