DISCLAIMER: All of the following items are either for sale or free at my TPT store. All are original items created by me on my own time (not at school), and whether they are free or cost a few dollars, all of them took considerable time for me to create. I do not make much money on TPT, but what I do make goes to support this blog, pay annual domain fees, legally purchase clipart and software, and keep me happily caffeinated!

Earth Day PowerPoint and Research Activity
This week’s New Product Thursday is about endangered animals, and it’s great whether you teach it or someone else does. It is the first part of a three-day blog series that is chock-full of ideas to get your middle school students talking about endangered animals.


Earth Day Trivia Game
This week’s new activity is for librarians and teachers looking for a fun, informational game to help students celebrate Earth Day. I debated on adding it to my blog since it’s more a science resource than one for library or English. But I decided to include it anyway because it’s great for librarians and English teachers who are just looking for something fun to do for Earth Day.


Library Display Posters: May
Whoohoo! It’s the first Thursday of the month and the day you’ve been waiting for…it’s May posters day! Your students won’t be able to pass up these colorful, eye-catching posters in nine gorgeous May themes. And seriously, can I just stop one minute to bask in the fact that it is nearly May already? WOW!


Poetry Terms Review Game
My PowerPoint trivia games have been among my most popular products, and I’ve just added a new one for National Poetry Month! This week’s New Product Thursday goes with last Thursday’s Poetry Terms PowerPoint and Printable Poetry Packet (how’s that for alliteration?!). This Jeopardy-style PowerPoint game will help your students review the terms included in the Poetry PowerPoint from last week.


Poetry Terms PPT and Packet
Because I love teaching poetry so much, I am dedicating the rest of March to creating poetry resources for my TPT store. This week, I’m starting with a big one: a 57-slide PowerPoint of poetry terms, plus a printable poetry packet of 39 classic poems that I use to demonstrate each poetry concept. I am seriously so proud of how gorgeous this one turned out to be!


Library Displays: April
April book display posters are here! The April set is #7 in a planned series of 12 monthly library display sets. Each theme includes four read-alike bookmarks for picture books, elementary, middle school, and high school and beyond. I’ve spotlighted nine themes for April, including: April Fool’s Day, World Autism Day, Earth Day, Shakespeare’s birthday, and more.


Library Resources Brochure
This week’s New Product Thursday goes with the Handy-Dandy Guide to the School Library that I posted last week. I think you will all find this super-helpful and easy-to-use. The best part is: it’s 100% FREE!


The Handy-Dandy Guide to the School Library
You, your teachers, and your principals are going to LOVE today’s New Product Thursday! It will make your teachers’ lives easier, and it will make you look like the polished, professional librarian you are (even if you don’t always feel like it).


Library Displays: March
Can you believe it’s already March? This set of library display posters features at least one poster for each of nine March themes. Each theme includes four read-alike bookmarks for picture books, elementary, middle school, and high school and beyond. March themes include: International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Pi Day, and more.


Valentine’s Day Trivia Game
Today’s new product is all about Valentine’s Day! This is an editable PowerPoint trivia game that’s great for class parties for older students. It includes 25 questions in five categories: Pink, Red, & White; Hearts; Chocolate; Balloons; and Roses. Trivia questions cover science, literature, and social studies topics. All questions are multiple-choice, and all include the answer and a short fact about the topic (see sample slides below).


Chinese New Year Activities (middle school)
Today’s New Product Thursday features three resources for Chinese New Year. The first two are reader’s theater scripts based on stories from Chinese mythology. The third is a research unit that includes both reader’s theater scripts, a 52-slide PowerPoint game, 4 research guides, a crossword puzzle, a 6-page detailed lesson plan, and all answer keys.


Blind Date with a Book Library Set-Up Kit
Blind Date with a Book is not my idea, and it’s nothing new to librarians. What’s special this week is that I’ve made it as easy as I possibly can for new librarians and librarians on-the-fence about Blind Date with a Book to implement it in their schools. I’ve created a set-up kit, and I’m including step-by-step directions here for anyone who wants to start a Blind Date with a Book program.


Writing Interest Survey (middle school)
This week’s new product is a Writing Interest Survey. This is a companion to my popular Reading Interest Survey, which I designed to complement Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer. I created it for middle schoolers, but since it’s fully-editable in PowerPoint, it’s easy to adapt to younger or older students.


Library Displays: February
This is truly such a fun product to create each month! I love love love choosing the themes, designing the posters, and researching books for the readalike lists! I’ve created many products for TPT, but these are by far the most fun to put together. I am really proud of the February posters!


How to Start a No-Stress Book Club at School
Do you have a book club in your library? You probably do, and if you don’t, maybe this post will inspire you to start one. I’ve done many book clubs over the years, for students and for teachers and sometimes for both together. This post is about problems I’ve encountered with running book clubs and how I’ve resolved those issues with the No-Stress Book Club.


A Snowball on a Hill: How to Start a School-Wide Reading Challenge in 2019
New Year’s Resolutions? No way! New Year’s Reading Goals? YES! I’ve set a yearly reading goal on Goodreads since 2013. My goal is always 100 books. One time, I made it. The rest of the time, I didn’t. But I am convinced that I read more books with a reading goal than I would without one, so I set the bar high every year.


Library Displays: January
Okay, I know January is the LAST thing we want to think about while we’re all singing Christmas carols, dancing around in ugly Christmas sweaters, and guzzling our weight in eggnog, but…the January Display Posters with Readalike Bookmarks are ready! This month, I created two posters for each of the nine themes.


Holiday Jeopardy Game
This game is perfect for classroom winter parties, particularly for Grades 5-10. I created it in PowerPoint, so you won’t need to worry about intermittent internet or school filters causing problems with access. It’s also fully-editable, so you can change any of the questions and/or categories to suit your needs.


Crowded library at lunchtime? Kahoots to the rescue!December Display Posters with Readalike Bookmarks
It’s almost December! As I did with November and October, I have created a new set of December book display materials. These are perfect for busy librarians who know the value of beautiful book displays but don’t have the time to create them. With these posters, I have done most of the work for you–all you need to do is print and enjoy!


Crowded library at lunchtime? Kahoots to the rescue!Harness the Power of Lunchtime Kahoots
Our school is on a six-day rotating schedule. Every day–1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6–is a different schedule. On Day 4, I have been doing a “Day 4 Kahoot” at lunchtime. It only takes about 15 minutes to play a game of 25 questions, and I offer prizes for the top three winners. The students love it, and I have a lot of regular players who come every Day 4 to play.


Save time with these November-themed posters for school and public libraries! Includes seven themes and 28 different readalike bookmarks (editable, of course)November Book Display Signs with Editable Bookmarks
Last week, I released my first set of display signs with readalike bookmarks. I had almost 500 downloads of the set in only three days–wow!!! Because the display signs have been so successful, I created another set for November.


Save time with these October-themed posters for school and public libraries! Includes six themes and 24 different readalike bookmarks (editable, of course)October Book Display Signs with Editable Bookmarks
I know I’m not the only librarian out there who does not have time to create new book display signs every week. So I’ve created a set of October-themed display signs. Print ’em, laminate ’em, and use ’em again next year. Anyone who comments that you reused the signs next year is welcome to come shelve a full cart of books while you sit down and create some beautiful new ones.


This is an alternative to the Dewey Caveman story. Because it's about the zombie apocalypse, it's a great way for middle and high school students to learn about the Dewey Decimal System.After the Zombie Apocalypse: A Dewey Decimal Story
I did it! I created a new alternative to the Dewey Caveman Story! For quite some time now, I’ve felt the Dewey Caveman story is a bit “young” for some of my middle and high school students. I wanted a fresh new way to present the Dewey Decimal System to my older students. A cooler, more grown-up way. So I sat down and created one!


Are your students Questioners? Escapists? Besties? Find out with this PowerPoint and printable quiz. Includes bookmarks!What’s Your Genre Personality? Quiz
Remember those magazine personality quizzes we took as teens? This PowerPoint or printable quiz is meant as a 45-minute library lesson. At the end of the quiz, students find out if they are Questioners, Escapists, Innovators, Realists, History Buffs, Thrill-Seekers, Comedians, Romantics, or –new for 2018-2019– Activists. Each personality type gets multiple genre recommendations just for them!


Library Orientation Scavenger Hunt
This activity helps students in Grades 4-7 explore the library and find important items and places (printer, book return, circulation desk, pencil sharpener, different genre sections, etc.) I used QR codes and a secret message from Dumbledore to help make it interesting. You can edit the scavenger hunt card to suit locations in your library. Directions are easy-to-follow, and it’s a fun and easy way to help students become familiar with the library!


 photo Slide1_1.jpgReading Interest Survey
This is an editable 4-page reading interest survey based on the ideas in Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer. It has lots of space for responses and will really give you the opportunity to get to know your students and their library needs.


Armchair Travelers Unite! Challenge Your Students to Read Around the World
This fall, I am challenging my middle schoolers to read picture books representing different countries. This is a project I’ve been thinking about doing for years, and it’s finally happening! This post, the first in a two-part series, focuses on why I’m doing this, what kinds of books I’ve ordered, how I set it up, and what I plan to do to promote the challenge.


Classroom or Library Book Genrefication Labels
Thinking about genrefying your library? Want to update your current genre labels? This set of genre labels is designed save you time and help make your genrefied library beautiful and easy to navigate.


Quotes & Readalike Poster SetsQuotes & Readalikes Poster Sets
I have now created five Quotes & Readalike poster sets. Each set contains 12 high-resolution, full-color posters with coordinating readalike bookmarks. Currently, there are two YA sets, two middle school sets, and one elementary set. Titles are all current releases, and each set includes at least 72 printable pages. All of the readalike bookmarks are editable. There are also two freebie sets (Steelheart and Friends for Life) available though the link above.


Middle School Reading BingoMiddle School Reading Bingo–Get your middle school students excited about reading with these printable Reading Bingo cards, designed especially for students in grades 6-8. This post also includes 5 ideas for implementation and low- or no-cost prize ideas.


What Mystery Genre Character Are You? Quiz
Are you The Accomplice? The Criminal? The Detective? The Witness? The Victim? This 12-question quiz is a fun way to introduce students to the mystery genre and the concept of literary archetypes. Like the “What’s Your Genre Personality?” Quiz, this quiz helps your students determine what character they might play in their favorite mystery novel.


Middle School Reading Incentive Idea: State Reading Lists and Celebrate Reading Day

Today, I am going to share what my school did to celebrate the Texas Lone Star Reading List, as well as some ideas I haven’t tried yet. These ideas could be adapted to any reading list. This reading incentive plan is very generic and can be adapted to any state, district, or school reading list. It will work for any age of readers as well, provided you want to put together a “Celebration Day” at the end of the school year.


FREE Steelheart Quotation Poster and Bookmark Set
I absolutely LOVED Steelheart, so I was inspired to create a poster and readalike bookmark set to share! This is a free download similar to my Friends for Life poster set below. If you and your students love it, I have linked my other poster and bookmark sets.


FREE Friends for Life Quotation Poster and Bookmark Set
Do your middle schoolers love Friends for Life as much as mine do? Last Friday, I ran a report of my top 25 most circulated titles this year. As of right now, Friends for Life is currently in the #3 spot. Only graphic novels Awkward and Roller Girl have beaten it so far. Pretty phenomenal!


Got Five Minutes? Start Your Library Time With Current Events
I am so excited to share this idea today! If you are looking to spice up your library lesson routine, this idea is a must-try! It will work with upper-elementary, middle school, and even high school. And like most of my library ideas, it works in classrooms as well. What a fun way to get students’ attention at the beginning of class!


Sub-Friendly Library Activity & Bulletin Board Idea (for December)
It’s flu season! Preparing for a sub is NO FUN when you are sick. This lesson takes minutes to prepare, the students love it, and it doubles as a holiday-themed bulletin board. Best of all, it’s sub-friendly! Includes printable directions and template.


Putting the BOO in Books: 10 Creepy Read-Alouds for Middle Schoolers
Let’s face it: Middle Schoolers LOVE scary stories! Some of these are mildly creepy, and others are keep-you-up-at-night scary. Take your pick!


Texas Lone Star Reading List–Like/Dislike Poster
Updated for 2017-2018! This two-page document includes all 20 Texas Lone Star Reading List books for both the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years. It is a visible way for students to quickly vote for and recommend books from the Lone Star Lists to one another. Directions for use are available in the TPT description.


12 YA quotation posters with coordinating bookmarks
Includes 12 recently-released YA titles including: Defending Taylor (Kenneally, 2016), Dumplin (Murphy, 2015), Cruel Beauty (Hodge, 2014), The Nest (Oppel, 2015), Rot & Ruin (Maberry, 2012), and more. Each has a full-color printable quotation poster, full-color quotation bookmark, and readalikes bookmark. Each of the bookmarks includes a full-color version and a printer-friendly black and white version.


Reading Bingo Bookmark–These are great for summer reading and will work with any age. Each bookmark represents a row of Bingo and emphasizes places and circumstances for reading rather than specific books or genres. Includes four different Bingo bookmarks.