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12 Middle Grade Books for Women’s History Month

It’s time for Week 2 of my series spotlighting strong females! As promised, I’m featuring middle grade books for Women’s History Month. As I did in last week’s YA Books for Women’s History Month, I’ve got an editable Google Slides booktalk, display sign, Toilet Talkers, and a printable list to give out to students and teachers.

Links to all the freebies are below the slideshow below.


All twelve of this week’s featured books are for middle graders. For any posts and reviews on my blog, I define “middle grades” as Grades 3-7. Could they work for students outside these levels? Of course! But these are the target grades I’m working with.

The books on this list were all recent releases, between 2019-2021. I didn’t include any not-yet-released books on this week’s list since I’m now planning to spotlight the March book releases later this month. Read on for details about that…


I announced last week that I am skipping the New Release Spotlight for March in favor of themed booktalk posts for Women’s History Month. I also mentioned that I have been considering replacing the New Release Spotlights with booktalk posts like this instead.

I have considered this move for a long time–years, actually–but I definitely hear your emails and comments asking me to continue the Spotlight. I figure if I’ve gotten that many responses, there are many more who haven’t reached out but would also like the Spotlight to continue.

So now, I’m thinking I will do both! I’m not totally sure how I will do all this since both take many hours to produce. It’s all still a work in progress since it’s quite a big change for me. Again, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments or via email at leigh[at] Please feel free to be honest–I’m very open-minded about constructive feedback. Every suggestion I get helps me improve and be as useful as possible for other librarians.

So, here’s what I’m thinking…

I will write up different booktalks on Tuesdays. These will be a variety of topics and themes, and they can span any grade levels, depending on the topics.

Then, once a month, I will put together the absolute BEST of the best of the new book releases. This will be published on the last Tuesday of each month. So basically, it would be 3-4 Tuesdays of themed booktalks and Toilet Talkers and one Tuesday of the best new book releases of that month.


I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had putting these together the past two weeks! I spend a lot of time choosing EXCELLENT titles that have positive reviews.

To choose the titles I review, spotlight, or booktalk, I look for a wide variety of genres, as well as diverse characters and settings. I read YA and middle grade books almost exclusively, so I consider both my own interest and the interests of the students I am recommending the books for.

Please know that I am not paid to create these, and I never accept any solicitations or free materials from authors or publishers in exchange for positive reviews or inclusion in these lists. I do this simply because I love it, and now that I am out of the library (since 2019), I miss the booktalking and storytime parts the most.


Next week will highlight picture books for Women’s History Month! I’m sure many of these will be picture book biographies, but I’m also going to try to include books that feature stories about strong girls that are not biographies.

Want to show this presentation to your students? Add a copy of “12 Middle Grade Books for Women’s History Month” to your Google Drive.

Prefer to print it? Add a copy of “12 Middle Grade Books for Women’s History Month” (letter-sized version) to your Google Drive.

Add a printable list of all 12 Middle Grade Books for Women’s History Month to your Google Drive.



  • So while I absolutely believe you should do the thing that makes you happiest, I wanted to say that there are a lot of librarians who follow your book rec posts avidly and would def miss them if you stopped altogether!

  • I so enjoy your New Release Spotlights – they are an invaluable tool for me in my middle school library! I use these to build my wish list every week and have recommended you to other librarians for the amazing information these spotlights give!! I love being one step ahead of the teachers and students and surprising them with amazing current books all because of your spotlights!!
    Your book talks are amazing as well! I am so thankful that you are trying to accomplish both and I definitely appreciate how much work that is for you!!
    Just know that you are amazing and your work is very much loved!! 🙂

  • Please don’t stop the new releases. I rely on you to help me figure out what to buy soooooooooo much!


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