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First Chapter Fridays: Spirit Hunters

This is the first entry in my First Chapter Fridays series. To see the entire series, click the link at the bottom of this post.

Spirit Hunters (Ellen Oh)

This was the first book that came to my mind when thinking about First Chapter Fridays. The story opens with middle schooler Harper Raine unpacking her room from their recent move to Washington, DC. Their new house is actually quite old and unbeknownst to Harper, has a sordid history.

In Chapter 1, Harper’s little brother Michael asks her to come to his room. Harper’s room and the rest of the house are HOT, but Michael’s room is freezing-cold. There, Michael introduces Harper to his new friend “Billy,” who Michael says is standing in the corner. Harper sees no one. Michael tells Harper that Billy used to live in their house. He also tells Harper that “Billy said not to go up to the attic.” Harper mutters something about this “stupid house,” and Michael tells her, “Billy doesn’t like it when you call his house stupid.”

Y’all. This is just the first chapter. I LOVED this book so much. It’s middle grade, but it’s so creepy! Even better is that once you hook students on the first book, there is a sequel called Island of the Monsters.

  • Recommended for: Grades 4-7
  • Genre: horror, scary stories
  • Keywords: haunted houses, possession, ghosts, brothers and sisters, Washington, DC, grandmothers
  • Protagonist: middle school girl; Korean American
  • Length of Chapter 1: 9 pages
  • Read my full review of Spirit Hunters

Read more about First Chapter Fridays (includes criteria for my selections)



Do you do First Chapter Fridays? What titles have been popular with your students? Add your favorites in the comments below (don’t forget to add grade levels)!

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