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It’s time! I update the Genre Personality Quiz with something new every summer, but this year, thanks to stay-at-home orders, I’ve got an enormous update! I’ve been working on this update since February, and I am so excited about it!

If you already own the Genre Personality quiz and/or posters, you can now redownload the update for free, either from my TPT store or my MrsReaderPants blog store (depending on where you purchased it).

All changes below apply to both the Elementary Genre Personality Quiz, the Secondary Genre Personality Quiz, and the Genre Personality Quiz Bundle.


  • NEW DIGITAL VERSION for Google Classroom!
  • 4 new Genre Personalities–there will be 12 total
  • History Buff has gone away (students rarely get History Buff)
  • “The Romantic” (MS/HS version) has been renamed “The Amigue” (gender-neutral Spanish term for “friend”) and expanded (not just romance books anymore!)
  • All the Personalities have had additional characteristics added
  • All Genre Personality posters updated (this is a separate purchase)
  • PowerPoint and printable quizzes have been updated; some answers tweaked and pop culture references updated
  • Now includes 24 full-page Genre Personality Profiles with editable book recommendations
  • The Activist has been tweaked to help ensure students who should get it, do get it
  • All read-alike bookmarks updated to include 2020 titles

If you do not yet have the “What’s Your Genre Personality?” Quiz, you really do need to have a look at it! The reviews speak for themselves! It’s my favorite activity to do in the library, and it shapes how my students browse books for the entire school year. You can easily pattern your library displays, book talks, and browsing time around your students’ Genre Personalities.

If you have any of my “Back to School Library Essentials” bundles that include the Genre Personality Quiz and posters, you will also be able to download the update free.



If you are teaching Grades 7-12, you definitely want to go with the Secondary version. If you are teaching Grades 3-5, I recommend the Elementary version. Grade 6 could go either way. The Secondary version includes romance in the genre recommendations and the questions, so if you want to stay away from any references to romance, go with the Elementary version for Grade 6.

If you are teaching ESL classes in Secondary, you might prefer the Elementary version because the wording is simpler. Instead of “The Amigue” Personality, the elementary version has “The Bestie.” Both are similar, but “The Amigue” includes the romance genre; “The Bestie” does not include romance.

Even though I include bookmarks for Lower Elementary School (Grades K-3), I actually do not recommend the Genre Personality Quiz below Grade 3. It’s mainly because I think the language may be too difficult, and not because of the content itself. The quiz answers are editable though, so if you do teach younger students, you can change up the language if you like.


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  • I purchased the original version, but can’t figure out how to access it. I have a Chromebook. Tried using an app called Zip Extractor, but no luck. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Janet,
      I just sent you an email with a couple of suggestions to try. I don’t see your purchase in my blog store (unless you used a different name), so that may mean you purchased from TPT. If so, TPT can help you figure out what’s going on. From any TPT page, scroll to the bottom and click on “Contact Us.”

      Please keep in touch if you are still having issues with it.

  • Hi Leigh,

    I am also having trouble figuring out how to re-download the MS/HS genre personality quiz. I purchased it in 2019 along with some other great items. I have the powerpoint version but we are a Google School so I wanted to get that version. Thank you for any tips!

    Thank you,

    • Hi, Kathleen,
      I do see your purchases from 2019 and am happy to help. I have reset your account, and you should be able to see all your purchases in the Downloads tab. Please let me know if you are still having trouble accessing.



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