November Display Signs with Readalike Bookmarks Now Available

Download November Book Display Posters with Readalike Bookmarks
Download October Book Display Posters set
Last week, I released my first set of display signs with readalike bookmarks. I had almost 500 downloads of the set in only three days–wow!!! Because the display signs have been so successful, I created another set for November.

These sets are intended to help librarians save time and keep their book displays fresh and fun. The October set had seven themes, and I have created seven themes for November.

The November themes are…

  • Election Day (Nov. 6)
  • STEAM Day (Nov. 8)
  • Veterans Day (Nov. 11)
  • Fall for Books (anytime)
  • Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22)
  • Historical Fiction (anytime)
  • Narrative Nonfiction (anytime)

Each poster also includes four readalike bookmarks that you can edit to coordinate with your library collection. They are also helpful for collection development since I make sure all the books I recommend are currently in-print and available from Titlewave. There are many, many 2018 titles on the bookmarks!

Download all 10 posters and 28 bookmarks
And now to start on the December displays…


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