Podcast Ep8: The Refugee Experience

In light of all the political rhetoric surrounding President Trump’s recent executive order concerning refugees, I thought a podcast featuring books about the refugee experience was needed.

Today’s podcast features 12 YA and middle school titles that capture the refugee experience through the eyes of refugee children and teens. Some of these books were even written by former refugees. What better way to help build a bridge to understanding, right?

The majority of our students are probably not refugees, though I have had some refugees in my classes over the years. But all of our students are exposed to the current political discourse about refugees. It’s on the news every day, and it’s likely they are also hearing their parents, teachers, and possibly their friends talking about or debating the subject.

I think it’s really important that our students learn to think about this heated issue for themselves, not just rely on what they hear on TV or from people whose opinions were set long ago. Since most of our students are not and will never be refugees, how will they ever be able to begin to understand what the refugees face on a daily basis? How can we help our students understand where refugees have come from, and what challenges they face in moving to a new country where many people do not want them there?

How can our students begin to understand these huge issues? Through books, of course!

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  • Another refugee book that I love is called My name is Sangoel by Karen Lyn Williams. It talks about the experience of being a refugee and acclimating to a new country. In the story, Sangoel struggles to have his teachers and classmates pronounce his name correctly and he comes up with a very clever solution!


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