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Welcome to my first Destiny SOS topic, how to set up patron homerooms in Destiny! I plan to include lots of new topics for Destiny on the new Destiny SOS tab at the top of this blog. Please feel free to post your Destiny question, and I will do my best to help!

Why should I set up patron homerooms?

Setting up homerooms in Destiny is extremely useful if you want to send overdue notices to homeroom teachers for the students in their class. This can be scheduled to run automatically either daily or weekly, so you don’t even have to think about it once it is set up. You can change the setup at any time as well–this is included in the instructions below.

You have lots of options for this, including emailing or printing a list of all books checked out or overdue on the day before their scheduled library day. Or, you can have all the emails go out one day/week. You can set up the reports to send automatically, or you can save the report and run it manually with one click whenever you need to.

The “homeroom” teacher can be the English teacher or any teacher you want to assign. I’ve even made up fake homerooms like “moved” for students who moved but still owe books and “Leavers” for students I know I want to delete at the end of the year. I don’t want the teacher to continue to get overdue notices for a student who moved, but I don’t want to take the student/book out of the system right away, either. It’s possible the book may be found, or the student may move back. This is also useful if you ever need to show how many books are walking out the door due to students moving (my school is tight about this, but my last school was most definitely not).

Link to step-by-step instructions (with screenshots!)

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  • In my district, someone uploads information to Destiny from PowerSchool every night. If students leave, they have no homeroom; if their schedule changes, so does their homeroom. Don't know how the magic happens, but I love it. Used to panic when I had to upload from an Excel spread sheet to Winnebago!

    • Ms. Yingling–You are so lucky to have this done for you! Our school was set up to automatically upload student information changes every night, but it never worked properly. Ultimately, I have done it myself for my entire library career. My favorite thing was when a student changed classes and no one told me for six months. The student would say, "Well, I never got an overdue notice" and it would turn out that the notice was going to the wrong teacher for months.


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