I Want My DQA (Destiny Quest App)!

I know there are plenty of people out there who already use the Destiny Quest app. If that’s you, you won’t need me to tell you how awesome it is. But if you don’t use the app (or maybe didn’t even know about it), read on…

If your library uses Follett’s Destiny Quest for circulation, you and your students absolutely MUST try out the Destiny Quest app. It is easy to download (free) and use, and my students have really loved it. It gives them an excuse to use their phones in school (which they always love), plus it makes them more autonomous library users (which I love).

 From the DQ app, students can:

  • view their library account
  • put books on-hold; check status of holds
  • renew library books
  • view library fines, if any
  • search the catalog; locate call #s
  • read book summaries
  • view status of a library book (in or out?)
  • view new arrivals
  • view library’s Top Ten circulations
  • “shelve” books as “to read,” “want to read,” and “have read”
  • view personal and public booklists
  • access and read ebooks from Follett Shelf or audiobooks from Catalist

Try it yourself! Here’s how:

  1. Download the Destiny Quest app, which is free.
  2. Type in your district’s Destiny URL. For example, in my district, it is http://emsisd.follettdestiny.com. You must type in the http:// part.
  3. Click on your school.
  4. Login using your DQ login. (you’ll have to create this for students or enable them to create one in your DQ settings under the Back Office tab–Access Levels). I create my students’ logins for them using their school computer logins, but they can see me to change the password if they want to.
In addition to walking entire classes through downloading the app, I also have the 4-step process listed above typed up on bookmarks for students who forgot their phone. Once it is set up and they are logged in, they stay logged in via their phone unless they intentionally logoff.

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