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Science fiction is hands-down my favorite genre section in our library. I have read lots and lots of our sci-fi books, and I almost always love them. My affection for this section is probably at least part of the reason it is so popular in our school. I read them and booktalk them heavily. They tend to have great book trailers. They tend to be genderless; boys are willing to read books with female protagonists, and vice versa. They adapt easily to the big-screen, and many of them have film adaptations.

Though dystopian romance is a hot commodity in the publishing market these days, much of the new publications feature high-quality writing, strong character development, and unique world-building. Considering all this, it’s no wonder that books from our sci-fi section account for ten of our top 15 most-frequently circulated titles in the past 90 days.

More info about our beloved science fiction section…

OVERALL STATS (includes genre sections only–no nonfiction, E, AV, or reference materials included in these stats):

  • number of books in section: 710
  • number of circulations past 90 days: 1382
  • percentage of genre-fied holdings: 10.67%
  • percentage of genre-fied circulations past 90 days: 14.05%


MOST POPULAR TITLES (past 90 days):

  • The Hunger Games trilogy (Collins)
  • Unwind and Unwholly(Shusterman)
  • The Maze Runner series (Dashner)
  • Starters (Price)
  • Legend and Prodigy (Lu)
  • Matched trilogy (Condie)
  • The Compound (Bodeen)
  • The Selection (Cass)
  • The Darkest Minds (Bracken)
  • Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart (Young)
  • Divergent and Insurgent (Roth)
  • Ugliesseries (Westerfeld)
  • Chaos Walking trilogy (Ness)
  • The Clone Codes (McKissack)


TRENDING: dystopia and post-apocalyptic with romances (Thank you, Hunger Games!)

CRITERIA FOR SECTION: Books in the science fiction section should have some of the following characteristics:

  • set in the future
  • dystopian world
  • apocalyptic event such as global climate change, plague, natural disaster, world war, etc.
  • scientific or technological innovations (i.e., cool futuristic gadgets!)
  • undesirable or hardscrabble setting
  • time travel
  • mind control
  • loss of personal freedoms
  • clones, cyborgs, aliens, artificial intelligence
  • genetic engineering

TROUBLESHOOTING: Holy multiple copies, Batman! Many of the books in this section are so popular that we need lots of extra copies. I have 17 copies of The Hunger Games, 11 of Catching Fire, and 15 of Mockingjay. Guess what? All of the first two in the series are currently checked out. I recently stopped booktalking The Selection (Cass) because we had 26 hold requests and only three copies. After ordering eight more copies, bringing our total to 11, we now have only 3 hold requests still pending. Yeah! I can start talking it up again!

Other titles with more than five copies in my library (that are ALWAYS checked out):

  • The Darkest Minds (Bracken)–Another one I stopped booktalking for a little while until I can get our number of holds down a bit.
  • Under the Never Sky (Rossi)
  • The Maze Runner series (Dashner)
  • Blood Red Road  and Rebel Heart (Young)
  • Matched series (Condie)
  • Starters (Price)
  • Unwind and Unwholly (Shusterman)
  • The Eleventh Plague (Hirsch)


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