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If you've read my blog for awhile now, you probably know how much I LOVE lists! When I saw how many exciting new books were being released in May 2016 (OMG, so many!), I thought I would do a feature where I spotlighted my favorites each week. This has been so popular with my teacher and librarian readers that I've kept it as a regular weekly feature every Monday.

To save space and keep this site loading quickly, I will delete all New Releases posts after 10 weeks.

New Release Spotlight--January 16, 2018
I've only found a handful of new releases this week, but you won't want to miss Love, Hate, and Other Filters, especially if you are looking for diverse books for your library. And who isn't always on the lookout for diverse books?

New Release Spotlight--January 2-9, 2018
This week, I have included a whopping 26 new releases that released either last Tuesday or today. And WOW, what a list of titles we have, especially with the middle grade titles! Can I just highlight the entire middle grade section in purple? There are lots of library must-haves there, so be sure to scroll all the way to the very end.

New Release Spotlight--November 28, 2017
This week is another slow one for new releases, and if I remember correctly from last year, it will be this way until January.

New Release Spotlight--November 21, 2017
This week's book list is shorter than normal, probably due to the Thanksgiving holiday. It will be the same around Christmas time. Of the books I found this week, probably the most interesting are the Kareem Abdul-Jabaar memoir and maybe the graphic novel about what consent means. Enjoy this week's list, and have a great Thanksgiving week!

New Release Spotlight--November 14, 2017
The word for this week is: unique. We have a couple of thrillers, a couple of fantasy adventures, a dark fantasy, a romance from the POV of an autistic boy (!), an alternate present where Nazis rule, and not one but TWO bookish heroes out to save the!

New Release Spotlight--November 7, 2017
This week's new releases are a little fewer than the past couple of weeks. Enjoy!

New Release Spotlight--October 31, 2017
Happy Halloween! This week's new releases bring us several scary titles for Halloween. I think that's awesome, but why are publishers waiting until Halloween to publish scary books? Yes, my students do ask for horror titles all year long, but if you are going to release a scary book in October, why not early in October? The buzz for Halloween starts in September. These books came out today, and tomorrow, most of us will be looking toward Thanksgiving and Christmas. Who wants to read Halloween books on November 1st?

New Release Spotlight--October 24, 2017
This week has been another crazy-busy one in the library, but I at least managed to get the new releases list out on time. I also finally got my LM-NET account working (my work email doesn't like listservs, apparently), so I will once again be posting these lists to the group each Tuesday.

New Release Spotlight--October 17, 2017
This week's list features a couple of books that I have already ordered for the library. Dear Martin will be a surefire hit, plus I ordered HelloFlo, a book for girls about puberty that I'm really curious to check out.

New Release Spotlight--October 10, 2017
Phew! I finally got this week's list finished! It's been so busy this week at school that I have had no time to work on my weekly list! Lots of big releases this week, and I've already had two students asking me when I will get Turtles All the Way Down in the library. Already ordered, my darlings!


  1. Just wondering if you are still posting reviews. I haven't seen any in a few weeks and I miss them. Thanks

    1. Hi, Wendy,
      I haven't posted any new release lists since April 11. I've just needed a long-overdue break from blogging! I have been doing some new release posts and commentary each week on my FaceBook page if you want to follow there. I do not know when or if I will pick the New Release lists up again. It may be something where I can just spotlight my top 5 or 10 titles each week. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Of course, I understand, but I really find them so helpful. I will check your facebook page. Is it under Mrs. ReaderPants too?

  3. Hi, I was just wondering how you got a job in China? Did you actively seek it out? Thanks, Jacqui

    1. Hi, Jacqui,
      We (hubs is also a teacher) were interested in international teaching and used a headhunter company called Search Associates. We were open-minded about which country we went to; it literally could have been anywhere. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, I'd start with Search Associates and also TIE online. TIE is much cheaper (something like $40/year). Search is $225 for 3 years or until you accept a position. It went very quickly for us--we applied in mid-October and accepted a position just before Thanksgiving. Best decision we ever made!



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