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If you've read my blog for awhile now, you probably know how much I LOVE lists! When I saw how many exciting new books were being released in May 2016 (OMG, so many!), I thought I would do a feature where I spotlighted my favorites each week. This has been so popular with my teacher and librarian readers that I've kept it as a regular weekly feature every Monday.

To save space and keep this site loading quickly, I will delete all New Releases posts after 10 weeks.

New Release Spotlight--September 19, 2017
Patrick Ness, Kristen Cashore, and Ryan Graudin releasing new books in the SAME week? Be still my heart! I started to shade my featured picks in purple as I have done in past weeks, but there were so many good ones this week, almost all of them were purple. So, no purple shading this week.

New Release Spotlight--September 12, 2017
This week's new release list continues the September tradition of LOTS of new book releases. My featured titles are once again highlighted in purple; these are can't-miss titles that are truly a must for school and public libraries.

New Release Spotlight--September 5, 2017
Welcome to September, a HUGE month for new releases! We are starting September with a whopping 21 noteworthy new releases, many of which boast multiple stars from major professional book review journals. Like last week, I have noted my favorite titles in purple shading below. This was a tough week to pick out only a few featured titles--lots of exciting stuff here!

New Release Spotlight--August 29, 2017
This week, I added titles for upper-elementary students. I used to spotlight books for elementary students on these lists, but I stopped because it was so overwhelming to create my list each week. I wanted to focus on secondary titles since I am a secondary librarian. BUT. This week, there are several new titles for grades 4-6 that I just can't not mention. These could also be good for middles (particularly 6th graders), but they are very well-suited to elementary. I can see Auma's Last Run and Tumble and Blue making state award lists next year. So even if you are middle school, you might want to check out the choices in the elementary section below.

New Release Spotlight--August 22, 2017
Starting this week, I will highlight 1-2 titles each week to be my "Featured Titles" of that week. These books are standouts for teen readers and highly recommended for school and public libraries. If you have a limited budget, the titles highlighted in purple are the ones you'll really want to take a look at.

New Release Spotlight--August 15, 2017
The Collazo Family has returned to China! I was worried this week's post might not happen since we moved to Shanghai this week, but here we are! This week is super-busy for me as I started at my new school on Monday! There is so much to learn and do, but it's always fun and interesting being in a new (to me) school.

New Release Spotlight--August 8, 2017
I'm excited to see several starred new releases this week, and I am just itching to put together my first book order for my new school. Once I set up LM_Net with my new school's email, I will start posting these weekly lists on LM-Net once again.

New Release Spotlight--August 1, 2017
I've only found 10 books for our MS and HS library shelves this week. Of course, Solo is a must for every high school, and We Now Return to Regular Life looks pretty interesting, too. It reminds me of that TV movie I Know My First Name is Steven from the 1980s. For middle school, don't miss the latest from Jason Reynolds, Mike Morales, Spider-Man.

New Release Spotlight--July 25, 2017
I found 14 noteworthy newbies for you this week. I can really tell that Halloween is coming up because there are a few scary books and creepy mysteries on this week's list.

New Release Spotlight--July 18, 2017
I have picked out 11 featured titles this week, mostly YAs. Great news for space opera fans...there are TWO new space operas this week: Amid Stars and Darkness and What Goes Up. If you like creepy books, you'll want to check out The Special Ones. And for fantasy fans, The Last Magician is sure to fly off the shelves with that gorgeous cover and unique summary. Enjoy this week's list!

New Release Spotlight--July 11, 2017
This week, I am featuring 16 new titles for teens and tweens. I've seen so many contemporary romances lately, so unless your library is really starving for more romance, I wouldn't select this entire list. If you only pick one new romance this week, I suggest Lake Effect since it is from a boy's point of view.


  1. Just wondering if you are still posting reviews. I haven't seen any in a few weeks and I miss them. Thanks

    1. Hi, Wendy,
      I haven't posted any new release lists since April 11. I've just needed a long-overdue break from blogging! I have been doing some new release posts and commentary each week on my FaceBook page if you want to follow there. I do not know when or if I will pick the New Release lists up again. It may be something where I can just spotlight my top 5 or 10 titles each week. Hope that helps!

  2. Thanks for letting me know. Of course, I understand, but I really find them so helpful. I will check your facebook page. Is it under Mrs. ReaderPants too?

  3. Hi, I was just wondering how you got a job in China? Did you actively seek it out? Thanks, Jacqui

    1. Hi, Jacqui,
      We (hubs is also a teacher) were interested in international teaching and used a headhunter company called Search Associates. We were open-minded about which country we went to; it literally could have been anywhere. If you are thinking about taking the plunge, I'd start with Search Associates and also TIE online. TIE is much cheaper (something like $40/year). Search is $225 for 3 years or until you accept a position. It went very quickly for us--we applied in mid-October and accepted a position just before Thanksgiving. Best decision we ever made!



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