Looking to up-your booktalking game? This page is dedicated to booktalks and reading promotion! Scroll down to see lots of examples of different booktalks I've used with middle and high school students over the years.

Start out by reading these 31 tips and tricks to help make your booktalks fabulous! Yes, I do all of these tips, and have used them successfully for many years. I don't recommend trying to implement a lot of them at once. Pick one or two and give them a try this week!

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Middle School Reading Bingo--Get your middle school students excited about reading with these printable Reading Bingo cards, designed especially for students in grades 6-8. This post also includes 5 ideas for implementation and low- or no-cost prize ideas.

Scrolling PowerPoint Presentations--I play a presentation like this one all day, every day. It includes silent booktalks (book whispers?), trivia, quotations, school and library announcements, author birthdays, This Day in History, photos around the world, etc. Here's how I do it and some of my slides...
Got Overdue Fines? bookmark--Students who have fines can "read them off" at a rate of 1 cent per minute of reading. The student's ELA teacher or parent/guardian must sign this bookmark in order for the fine to be excused.
I Want My DQA (Destiny Quest App)!--If your library uses Destiny Quest, you have to try the Destiny Quest App!
Book Speed Dating--A great way for students to "get to know" lots of great books in a short period of time! I used this with grades 6-8.
Student/Staff Picks (downloadable template)
Need a bulletin board idea? Try student/staff picks cards!
First week of school activity: In a million words or less...Looking for an easy way to get to know your students? Want to know their strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, fears, likes, dislikes? Get the scoop from those who know them best! I did this beginning-of-the-year activity with my seventh graders, but it would work with students in any grade, PreK-12.
Back To School Time! 10 short, whole class reads for Week One
These 10 novels are perfect for whole-class reads at the beginning of the school year. They are high-interest, easy reads that will foster lots of discussion so you can get to know your new students. These books are best for grades 5-9 and will appeal to both boys and girls.
Reading Incentive Idea: Reading Bingo
This one is more for elementary librarians, but I'm sure it could be adapted for middle school. This post includes all my materials and directions on how to begin a Reading Bingo program at your school.
Got Moldy, Wet, Colored-In, Nasty Weeded Books? Give Them A New Purpose!
My fantastic aide's job has now officially been cut, but her creative juices were flowing right up to the end. We had this huge box of damaged books, and she found two fun ways to breathe new life into them. Check out her work!

Back by popular demand...summer checkout!
Modified summer checkout rules after my amazing library aide's job got cut.
Got ARCs? Start a Book Review Club!
I have tons of ARCs from years of reviewing. Here's what I'm doing with them!
Booktalk Idea: Titles that Rhyme with -ATE
Seventh graders loved this one, and I did not have one student who said they had heard the song "Mediate" before!
Booktalk Presentation Idea: "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"
I did this one with sixth graders when Hurricane Sandy slammed into the east coast in October 2012. You could use it with any type of bad weather event though--references to Hurricane Katrina, Galveston Hurricane of 1900, and Johnstown Flood.
Booktalk Idea: Cookies! Candy! Pie!
Great for nonsecular holiday-themed December booktalks! All the titles have something to do with sweet treats. Includes 16 book titles.
Booktalk Idea: Gangs, Outlaws, and Bad Hombres
Booktalking with a little help from Bon Jovi!

Tips to Make the Most of Your Booktalks
Booktalking is my favorite thing to do in my library, and I do it almost every day. This post recommends eight simple ways you can make your book talks memorable and get your students excited about reading! These tips will work for any age/grade, including booktalking with adult audiences.

Redeye Reads: Booktalking the Best YA/MG Titles of 2012
Presented at Region XI Library Harvest in Fort Worth, TX on Sept. 27, 2012.
Breathe New Life Into Waldo
Do you have lots of "loved on" Where's Waldo? books? Who doesn't?! Rejuvenate your old, falling-apart Waldo collection and make it useful again!
Paper Plane-Palooza
An afternoon of paper airplane-making fun gave me a fun way to spark reading interest in some of my most reluctant readers!
2012 Summer Checkout--How and Why We Did It
Usually we are open in the summer for student checkout, but we were asked not to do that this year as part of the district's energy conservation efforts. So my aide and I came up with an even better plan...

Lone Star Plus Reading Incentive Field Trip 2012
How did our district librarians reward 75 students who read at least 12 Lone Star Plus books this year?

Free YA audiobook downloads this summer!
Each week this summer (2012), Audiosync will enable free downloads of one current YA novel and one classic YA novel each week for ten weeks. Users will have seven days to download, but once downloaded, readers can listen to them any time (not just during the one week window). So cool!

"What's Your Genre?" Quiz
A PowerPoint presentation quiz that helps students identify possible genres that might interest them.

Genre Trees
I take every opportunity to get students excited about book genres! Decorate your library for the holidays with some conversation-starting genre Christmas trees.
Design Your Own Library Shelf Signage (Inexpensive!)
Create inexpensive, easy-to-see shelf signs your shelves.
6 Things To Include In Every Storytime
Every now and then, I actually miss my elementary library days, especially storytime!

"Hug, Hug, Hug Your Books"
A cute song to end your library time and get little ones ready to walk quietly in the hall.