I am so excited to have finally started my first podcast! I have thought about adding podcasting to my blog for at least a year now, and I just decide to jump in with both feet and do it. I plan to post new podcasts on Tuesday mornings. You can follow here, at my podcast host, Podbean, or on iTunes.

Each of the links below will take you to the blog page for each podcast. The pages include the podcast as well as a list of all books, websites, and other materials referred to in the podcast. I would love to hear your feedback, and reviews in iTunes will really help me spread the word to other school librarians and teachers. Likes and follows are also greatly appreciated!

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"Top 10 Books My Middle School Students Recommend to Me"

This is my very first podcast, posted on December 20, 2016. In this episode, I introduce myself and what I plan to do with my podcasts. Then, I describe ten books my students recommend to me to read. Since I am usually the one recommending books, this is a nice switch for my first podcast!

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"20 Graphic Novels Middle Schoolers Love!"

Today, I discuss 20 graphic novels that are most popular with my middle schoolers as well as award-listed graphic novels I need to read and promote better in my library. All the books and resources mentioned in the podcast are also listed in this post.

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"Ten YA Titles I Can't Wait to Read in 2017"

In today's podcast, I discuss setting reading goals for 2017 and ten new YA titles to get excited about in January and February.

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"15 Free Verse Novels to Inspire Your Middle Schoolers"

In this episode I share 15 free verse novels and authors, including some that will debut in early 2017. I also included a printable list of 100 free verse novels for middle and high school in the post.


  1. Idea for a podcast episode: the most popular novels in verse in middle or high school. (I'd love it!). So far, I've enjoyed and used both of your first podcasts.

    1. That's a great idea! I actually just did a booktalk with my 7th graders about free verse, and they went wild for it. I had to order another copy of One by Sarah Crossan because I had so many holds on it! I will add free verse to my upcoming episodes--thank you for the idea!


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