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New Book Releases for Kids and Teens: November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US peeps! Unfortunately, China doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving this week, and neither does my school. So...this Thursday is a normal school day for all of us. To be perfectly frank, I don't mind not celebrating Thanksgiving, at least not in the traditional way. The hubs and I are both vegan, and Thanksgiving food can be a challenge. Nearly everything is drizzled in butter or cheese or milk, and it's often all three. Instead, we'll order Indian food delivered from our favorite Indian food restaurant. But we do that every Thursday.

From now until after the new year, the weekly New Release Spotlights will be much smaller. This isn't my choice; it's because publishers tend to release fewer books between Thanksgiving and the New Year. There will still be some releases each week, but it isn't anything like it was back in September and October. If you prefer the super-long New Release Spotlights, you'll love January!

NOTE: Titles highlighted in purple are those that received two or more starred professional reviews.

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Any Second (Kevin Emerson)
Like Thirteen Reasons Why, this one tackles serious issues and contains potential triggers. It's definitely not for middle school, and high school librarians should know that, according to the SLJ review, the book contains sexual assault, violence, animal abuse, and self-harm. Early Goodreads reviews are very positive. Five years after being kidnapped, Elian's captor sends him into the mall--with a bomb strapped to his chest. Across the mall is Maya, a girl whose crippling anxiety holds her prisoner in its own way. Whether by chance or fate, Maya must keep Eli from ending them all. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Thriller, suspense.
Five Feet Apart (Rachael Lippincott)
Get this one before the movie releases in March 2019! Seventeen-year-olds Stella and Will, both suffering from cystic fibrosis, realize the only way to stay alive is to stay apart, but their love for each other is slowly pushing the boundaries of physical and emotional safety. Recommended for Grades 7-12. Romance, cystic fibrosis.


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I only found sequels this week--no new titles for middle grades! I've written New Release Spotlights nearly every week since May 2016, and this has never happened before.


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Found (Jeff Newman, Larry Day)
Jenn's beloved dog was lost sometime ago. Long enough that she has given up the search. But she still misses her friend. One day she finds a lost dog. She takes him in and despite a rocky start, she grows to love him. Until she spots his picture on a missing poster. His name is Roscoe, and he's someone else's best friend. Jenn knows she should return Roscoe, but she really doesn't want to. Will Jenn do the right thing? Multiple starred reviews. Wordless picture book.
All Is Merry and Bright (Jeffrey Burton, Don Clark)
Not much written about this one, but its beautiful, shiny foil, embossed, and spot-UV illustrations should make this a popular choice for the holidays. This would make a good Christmas gift for little ones, especially if loved ones write in an inscription.
I Do Not Like Books Anymore! (Daisy Hirst)
Natalie and Alphonse REALLY like books. Picture books with Dad, scary stories with Mom, and especially stories they remember or make up themselves. So when it's time for Natalie to learn to read, she thinks it will be exciting -- she can have all the stories in the world now, and even read them to Alphonse. But when Natalie gets her first reading book, the letters look like squiggles and it isn't even a good story; it's just about a cat that can sit. "I do not like books anymore!" Natalie declares. Publishers Weekly starred.

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