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New Book Releases for Kids and Teens: November 13, 2018

This week, our library is hosting our second author visit in less than a month! We are so excited to meet Horrible Science author Nick Arnold, who will present several school visits in Shanghai this week and next. Be sure to check my MrsReaderPants Facebook page for photos!

We have 16 new book releases this week. Don't miss new titles from favorite authors including Robin Talley, Courtney Stevens, and Jessica Brody. We're almost to Thanksgiving, y'all!

NOTE: Titles highlighted in purple are those that received two or more starred professional reviews.

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Iron River (Daniel Acosta)
Debut author! When twelve-year-old Manny Maldonado and his friends find a hobo's body near the train tracks that run through their tight-knit San Gabriel valley community, a police officer tries to pin the murder on them. Recommended for Grades 7+. SLJ and Kirkus starred. Historical fiction, murder.
Pulp (Robin Talley)
In 1955, 18-year-old Janet Jones keeps the love she shares with her best friend Marie a secret. It’s not easy being gay in Washington, DC, in the age of McCarthyism, but when she discovers a series of books about women falling in love with other women, it awakens something in Janet. Sixty-two years later, Abby Zimet can’t stop thinking about her senior project and its subject—classic 1950s lesbian pulp fiction. Between the pages of her favorite book, the stresses of Abby’s own life are lost to the fictional hopes, desires and tragedies of the characters she’s reading about. Recommended for Grades 9-12. SLJ starred. Realistic fiction, LGBT+.
This Splintered Silence (Kayla Olson)
Lindley Hamilton has been the leader of the space station Lusca since every first generation crew member on board, including her mother, the commander, was killed by a deadly virus. Lindley always assumed she'd captain the Lusca one day, but she never thought that day would come so soon. And she never thought it would be like this--struggling to survive every day, learning how to keep the Lusca running, figuring out how to communicate with Earth, making sure they don't run out of food. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Science fiction, thriller.
The Resolutions (Mia Garcia)
From hiking trips to four-person birthday parties to never-ending group texts, Jess, Lee, Ryan, and Nora have always been inseparable, but now with senior year on the horizon, they've have been growing apart. And so as always, Jess makes a plan. Reinstating their usual tradition of making resolutions together on New Year's Eve, Jess adds a new twist: instead of making their own resolutions, the four friends have to assign them to one another. Recommended for Grades 8+. SLJ starred. Realistic fiction, New Year's resolutions, friendship.
Your Own Worst Enemy (Gordon Jack)
Stacey Wynn was the clear front-runner for Lincoln High student council president. But then French-Canadian transfer student Julia Romero entered the race--and put the moves on Stacey's best friend/campaign adviser, Brian. Stacey also didn't count on Tony Guo, resident stoner, whose sole focus is on removing the school's ban of his favorite chocolate milk, becoming the voice of the little guy, thanks to a freshman political "mastermind" with a blue Mohawk. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Realistic fiction, satire.Kirkus starred.
How She Died, How I Lived (Mary Crockett)
Debut author! I was one of five. The five girls Kyle texted that day. The girls it could have been. Only Jamie--beautiful, saintly Jamie--was kind enough to respond. And it got her killed. On the eve of Kyle's sentencing a year after Jamie's death, all the other "chosen ones" are coping in various ways. But our tenacious narrator is full of anger, stuck somewhere between the horrifying past and the unknown future as she tries to piece together why she gets to live, while Jamie is dead. Recommended for Grades 9-12. SLJ starred. Realistic fiction, murder, survivor's guilt.
Four Three Two One (Courtney Stevens)
A year after witnessing nineteen people killed in a bus bombing, the four survivors of the tragic event take a road trip back to the same city block that it happened, encountering lies, secrets, and healing along the way. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Realistic fiction, survivor's guilt, near-death experiences.
Wilder (Andrew Simonet)
Jason Wilder is in permanent in-school suspension for fighting. Meili Wen gets there by breaking a girl's finger. Jason and Meili don't just connect; they collide. Two people who would never cross paths--outsiders from radically different backgrounds--they form an exhiliarating, unpredictable bond. When circumstances push, they push back. There's no plan. And there's no stopping. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Booklist starred. Realistic fiction, unreliable narrator.
The Incredible True Story of the Making of the Eve of Destruction (Amy Brashear)
In 1984, while grappling with her parents' divorce and her mother's remarriage to an African-American man, sixteen-year-old Laura wins a walk-on role in the nuclear holocaust movie being filmed in her Arkansas town, but when the scripted nuclear explosion occurs, nobody seems to know if a real nuclear bomb has detonated or not. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Kirkus starred. Realistic fiction, nuclear bomb.


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It Wasn't Me (Dana Alison Levy)
When Theo's photography project is mysteriously vandalized at school there are five suspected students who all say "it wasn't me." Theo just wants to forget about the humiliating incident but his favorite teacher is determined to get to the bottom of it and has the six of them come into school over vacation to talk. She calls it "Justice Circle." The six students--the Nerd, the Princess, the Jock, the Screw Up, the Weirdo, and the Nobody--think of it as detention. AKA their worst nightmare. Recommended for Grades 5-8. Multiple starred reviews. Realistic fiction, humor, school stories.
Better You Than Me (Jessica Brody)
Ruby Rivera is a twelve-year-old superstar with millions of followers. Skylar Welshman is a seventh grader who wants to be cool--and she's Ruby's biggest fan. When Skylar and Ruby meet on the set of Ruby's hit show, Ruby of the Lamp, and wish they could switch places, and it happens! Ruby is living Skylar's life of school, friends, and boys. Skylar is living Ruby's celebrity life. But how long will it last? Recommended for Grades 4-7. Magical realism, bullying.
Astrid the Unstoppable (Maria Parr, trans. by Guy Puzey)
Speed and self-confidence, that's Astrid's motto. Nicknamed "the little thunderbolt," she loves to spend her days racing down the hillside on her sled, singing loudly as she goes, and visiting Gunnvald, her grumpy, septuagenarian best friend and godfather, who makes hot chocolate from real chocolate bars. She just wishes there were other children to share her hair-raising adventures with. Recommended for Grades 3-5. Booklist and BCCB starred. Humor, friendship.


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The Case of the Missing Chalk Drawings (Richard Byrne)
The chalks are drawing flowers on the chalkboard, but someone keeps stealing their artwork. Sergeant Blue is on the case and determined to solve the mystery. Who could the thief be?
Hide and Seek (Anthony Browne)
When their dog goes missing, siblings Poppy and Cy decide to play hide-and-seek in the woods to distract themselves. Poppy counts to ten and sets out to look for Cy, but she can't find him anywhere. Deeper into the woods she goes, looking for her brother, until she hears a rustling noise nearby. What could it be? Don't miss the list of 18 items hiding in the paintings that readers can "seek" for themselves.
Little Fox in the Snow (Jonathan London, Daniel Miyares)
A red fox emerges from its burrow one wintry morning, a fiery streak against stark white surroundings, driven by hunger and curiosity to investigate its world. Encountering a mouse, a hare, and a wolverine, the little fox takes on the role of both hunter and hunted before returning to the safety of its den, where--perhaps--it dreams of something more.
Dreamland (Noah Klocek)
Amelie loves everything about bedtime: wrapping up in her favorite blanket, listening to bedtime stories, and most of all, dreaming. But finding her dreams is not always easy, and she often has to set out in search of them. As Amelie ventures into the surreal world that lingers behind her closed eyes, she overcomes cold toes, too-bright moonshine, tangled blankets, hidden shadows, and ticking clocks to finally uncover her favorite dreams. SLJ starred.

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