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New Release Spotlight: June 19, 2018

Can you believe I am STILL in school? We still have 8 more school days to go! This is the latest I've ever been in school, and it feels weird. At least we don't start until the last week of August. Many international schools in Shanghai are already out of school, but they go back two weeks before we do. It all works out to about the same number of days, but it really feels like this year is dragging on.

It looks like June isn't such a big month for new releases. I only found 13 new titles this week. Don't miss the two picture books at the bottom of this post!

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Not the Girls You're Looking For (Aminah Mae Safi)
Debut author! Lulu Saad doesn't need your advice, thank you very much. She's got her three best friends and nothing can stop her from conquering the known world. Sure, for half a minute she thought she’d nearly drowned a cute guy at a party, but he was totally faking it. And fine, yes, she caused a scene during Ramadan. It's all under control. Ish. Recommended for Grades 9-12. Publishers Weekly starred. Realistic fiction, friendship, Muslim Americans.
Dive Smack (Demetra Brodsky)
Another debut author! Theo Mackey only remembers one thing for certain about the fire that destroyed his home: he lit the match. Sure, it was an accident. But the blaze killed his mom and set his dad on a path to self-destruction. Everything else about that fateful night is full of gaping holes in Theo's mind, for good reason. Maybe it's better that way. JLG selection (Sports High). Recommended for Grades 8-11. Thriller, diving.
Thief of Happy Endings (Kristen Chandler)
Cassidy Carrigan wasn't planning to ever get on a horse again. She wasn't even planning on going to back to school after her dad moved out, her best friend ditched her, and her anxiety took over. But then she wasn't planning on being shipped off to a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming as a charity case either. Or falling for a cowboy with a broken nose and an even more broken soul. Recommended for Grades 7-10. Romance, horses, cowboys.
The Unbinding of Mary Reade (Miriam McNamara)
There's no place for a girl in Mary's world. Not in the home of her mum, desperately drunk and poor. Not in the household of her wealthy granny, where no girl can be named an heir. And certainly not in the arms of Nat, her childhood love who never knew her for who she was. As a sailor aboard a Caribbean merchant ship, Mary's livelihood--and her safety--depends on her ability to disguise her gender. At least, that's what she thinks is true. But then pirates attack the ship, and in the midst of the gang of cutthroats, Mary spots something she never could have imagined: a girl pirate. Recommended for Grades 8+. Historical fiction, adventure, pirates, gender-bender.
Phoebe Will Destroy You (Blake Nelson)
Nick has the best of moms and the worst of moms. On the upside, she's a distinguished professor and bestselling author. On the downside, she's a serious alcoholic, with no clue how to relate to her son or husband. Nick, meanwhile, has finished his junior year and needs a break from his stressful home life. What better place to spend the summer than Seaside, Oregon, a sleepy beach town where he can chill out, meet girls, and work at his Uncle's car wash. Enter local legend, Phoebe Garnet. She's funny, sexy, but dangerously self-destructive. Suddenly Nick is more in love, more obsessed, more heartsick than he's ever been in his life. Recommended for Grades 9+. Romance.

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A Stitch in Time (Daphne Kalmar)
In 1927 Vermont, eleven-year-old Donut, recently orphaned after the death of her beloved pops, stands to lose everything when she learns her Aunt Agnes plans to move her to Boston, but little does her aunt know that Donut has no intentions of leaving her friends or her home. Recommended for Grades 3-6. Booklist and Publishers Weekly starred. Adventure, grief, orphans.
The Jigsaw Jungle (Kristin Levine)
Claudia Dalton, twelve, embarks on an unexpected treasure hunt that she hopes will bring her missing father home and heal whatever is wrong with her family. Told through notes, emails, audio and video transcripts, and more from Claudia's scrapbook. Recommended for Grades 4-8. Kirkus starred. Mystery, LGBT.
Takedown (Laura Shovan)
Looking to diversity your sports collection? Told in separate voices, sixth-graders Mikayla, a wrestler like her brothers, and Lev, part of the Fearsome Threesome, become good wrestling partners and friends, but there can be only one winner at the State competition. Recommended for Grades 3-6. Realistic fiction, sports.
Everything I Know About You (Barbara Dee)
During a class trip to DC, twelve-year-old Tally and her best friends, Sonnet and Spider are less than thrilled when they are assigned roommates and are paired with kids who are essentially their sworn enemies. For Tally, rooming with "clonegirl" Ava Seely feels like punishment, rather than potential for fun. But the trip is full of surprises, and the uneasy peace in Ava and Tally's room is quickly upended when Tally begins to suspect something is off about Ava. She has a weird notebook full of random numbers, and doesn't seem to eat anything during meals. Recommended for Grades 5-8. Realistic fiction, anexoria.
Kid Normal (Greg James, Chris Smith, Erica Salcedo)
When Murph Cooper begins his new school several weeks into the year, he can't help but feel a bit out of his depth. And it's not because he's worried about where to sit, making friends, and fitting in. It's because his mom has accidentally enrolled him at a school for superheroes. And unlike his fellow students, who can control the weather or fly or conjure tiny horses from thin air, Murph has no special abilities whatsoever. Recommended for Grades 4-7. Humor, superheroes.
Why Can't I Be You (Melissa Walker)
Claire Ladd knows that this summer is going to be special. She and her two best friends, Ronan and Brianna, are turning twelve. She is leaving camp behind and gets to do what she wants all day. She feels everything starting to change. But things don't always change for the better. With Brianna's cousin Eden visiting for summer, Claire feels like a third wheel...And Ronan, who lives in the trailer next to Claire's has started acting moody anytime anyone mentions his dad. Recommended for Grades 4-7. Publishers Weekly Annex starred.


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Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13 (Helaine Becker, Dow Phumiruk)
Great companion to Hidden Figures. As a child, Katherine Johnson loved to count. She counted the steps on the road, the number of stars in the sky, the number of dishes and spoons she washed in the kitchen sink. Boundless, curious, and excited by calculations, young Katherine longed to know as much as she could about math, about the universe. From Katherine's early beginnings as a gifted student to her heroic accomplishments as a prominent mathematician at NASA, this is the story of a ground-breaking American icon who not only calculated the course of moon landings but, in turn, saved lives. Kirkus starred. Picture book biography.
The Fox on the Swing (Evelina Daciutè, Aušra Kiudulaite)
Picture book from Lithuania. Paul lives in a cozy treehouse in a big city with his family. And then something unexpected happens--Paul befriends a wise, friendly fox on a walk home from the bakery. The fox gives Paul a space to think about what makes him happy and what friendship means. Kirkus starred.

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