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17 New Releases--October 10, 2017

Phew! I finally got this week's list finished! It's been so busy this week at school that I have had no time to work on my weekly list! Lots of big releases this week, and I've already had two students asking me when I will get Turtles All the Way Down in the library. Already ordered, my darlings! See all 17 new releases...

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Vanilla (Billy Merrell)
Conflict arises when two boyfriends (since middle school) start high school and things change. Hunter wants to have sex, and Vanilla does not. Van is just beginning to understand his own asexuality. Very, very mixed opinions on Goodreads (take a look--it's an interesting discussion). I've included it here because Booklist starred it, and asexuality is an under-represented topic. Free verse, GLBT.
The Librarian of Auschwitz (Antonio Iturbe)
Based on a true story. Original released in Spain, 2012. Fourteen-year-old Dita is one of the many imprisoned by the Nazis at Auschwitz. Taken, along with her mother and father, from the TerezĂ­n ghetto in Prague, Dita is adjusting to the constant terror that is life in the camp. When Jewish leader Freddy Hirsch asks Dita to take charge of the eight precious volumes the prisoners have managed to sneak past the guards, she agrees. And so Dita becomes the librarian of Auschwitz. Historical fiction.
Turtles All the Way Down (John Green)
Yep, it's a John Green book. With no professional reviews (none!) and no early reviews on Goodreads other than the typical fangirl squeeing and unread 5-star ratings. Has anyone out there read this mystery book? Even reading the summary, I couldn't even really say what it's about. But will I buy it for my library? No doubt. My students will demand it, after all. It's something to do with a 16-year old girl pursuing a fugitive billionaire in hopes of gaining a $100,000 reward. Realistic fiction? Mystery?
Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (Julie C. Dao)
East Asian retelling of "Snow White and the Evil Queen." Beautiful eighteen-year-old Xifeng was raised by a cruel aunt who says the stars destine her to be Empress of Feng Lu. To do so, Xifeng must spurn the man who loves her and exploit the dark magic that can make her dream real. Booklist and Publisher's Weekly starred. Fantasy, retelling.
Berserker (Emmy Laybourne)
Hanne and her siblings flee Norway after her "gift" causes her to commit murder, and on the American frontier Owen, a cowboy, leads them toward their uncle who may help them learn control. Pair with Rae Carson's Gold Seer Trilogy. Fantasy, historical fiction.
This Darkness Mine (Mindy McGinnis)
I LOVE unreliable narrators! Sasha Stone knows her place first-chair clarinet, top of her class, and at the side of her Oxford-wearing boyfriend. She's worked her entire life to ensure her path to Oberlin Conservatory as a star musician is perfectly paved. But suddenly there's a fork in the road in the shape of Isaac Harver... Thriller, unreliable narrator.
All the Wind in the World (Samantha Mabry)
Working in the maguey fields of the Southwest, Sarah Jac and James are in love but forced to start over on a ranch that is possibly cursed where the delicate balance in their relationship begins to give way. Fast-paced and difficult to put down! Multiple starred reviews. Romance.
The Memory Trees (Kali Wallace)
When Sorrow's sister, Patience, is tragically killed, she is sent to live with her father, but when memories of her sister's death grow hazy, she returns to her childhood and to the strange and powerful ways we are shaped by places we call home. Kirkus starred. Magical realism.
Echo After Echo (Amy Rose Capetta)
Zara Evans has come to the Aurelia Theater, home to director Leopold Henneman, to play a dream role in Echo and Ariston, the Greek tragedy that taught her everything she knows about love. When the director asks Zara to promise that she will have no outside commitments, no distractions, it's easy to say yes. But are the deaths at the theater accidents, or murder, or a curse that always comes in threes? Publisher's Weekly starred. Mystery.
The Nowhere Girls (Amy Reed)
Three misfits come together to avenge the rape of a fellow classmate and in the process trigger a change in the misogynist culture at their high school transforming the lives of everyone around them in this searing and timely story. Multiple starred reviews. Realistic fiction.
All the Crooked Saints (Maggie Stiefvater)
The Soria family all have the ability to perform unusual miracles. Beatriz, the girl without feelings, wants only to be free to examine her thoughts. Daniel, the Saint of Bicho Raro, performs miracles for everyone but himself. Joaquin, who spends his nights running a renegade radio station under the name Diablo Diablo. All three cousins are looking for a miracle, but the miracles of Bicho Raro are never quite what you expect. Paranormal.


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The Peculiar Incident on Shady Street (Lindsay Currie)
Debut author! When lights start flickering and temperatures suddenly drop, twelve-year-old Tessa Woodward, sensing her new house may be haunted, recruits some new friends to help her unravel the mystery of who or what is trying to communicate with her and why. Scary books, ghosts.
Laura Ingalls is Ruining My Life (Shelley Tougas)
Charlotte’s mom has just moved the family across the country to live in Walnut Grove, “childhood home of pioneer author Laura Ingalls Wilder.” Mom’s idea is that the spirit of Laura Ingalls will help her write a bestselling book. But Charlotte knows better: Walnut Grove is just another town where Mom can avoid responsibility. And this place is worse than everywhere else the family has lived—it’s freezing in the winter, it’s small with nothing to do, and the people talk about Laura Ingalls all the time. Realistic fiction.
Snow & Rose (Emily Winfield Martin)
Once, they lived in a big house with spectacular gardens and an army of servants. Once, they had a father and mother who loved them more than the sun and moon. But that was before their father disappeared into the woods and their mother disappeared into sorrow. This is the story of two sisters and the enchanted woods that have been waiting for them to break a set of terrible spells. Retelling of "Snow White and Rose Red."
The Incredible Magic of Being (Kathryn Erskine)
Nine-year-old Julian almost died when he was born and he believes that he has a special connection to the universe because of that, and he wants to make his two moms and his sister (who turned into a black hole of discontentment when she turned fourteen) happy because he is convinced that soon he will die and travel to the dog star--but now they have moved to Maine and he resolves to also use his "uni-sense" ability to help Mr. X, their neighbor, who is in desparate need of healing. Realistic fiction.
Lock and Key (Ridley Pearson)
Based on the story of Sherlock Holmes. Young Sherlock Holmes and James and Moira Moriarty reluctantly team up to find out what really happened to James and Moira's father and in the process blood is spilled, trusts broken, and friendships are lost in this story of how one simple mistake cost the life of his father and James his heart and sent the Moriarty's spiraling downward. Mystery.
The Chocopocalypse (Chris Callaghan)
A fun candy-themed book for Halloween! Life for Jelly Welly--or Jennifer Wellington--is totally and utterly normal in Chompton-on-de-Lyte. She lives with her mum and dad and gran, has nosy neighbors who like to gossip, and really needs to think of a science project that will get her a good grade. But when news breaks of an impending chocopocalypse, her whole world--and the world at large--is thrown into utter chaos. Mystery.


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