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8 Can't Miss New Releases--August 22, 2017

This week, I started working with the existing staff at my new school. It's been an exhausting week so far, and today is only Tuesday! I've had a solid look at my new library and have identified what's great (the library space, the huge windows, our library staff) and what needs work (collection development, all those worn-out posters, my incredibly slow computer!). We have a family orientation day this Friday, then on Monday next week, I'll finally have students in the library again! I'm really interested to see what they love about their library and what they think needs improvement. Can't wait!

On to the new releases! Starting this week, I will highlight 1-2 titles each week to be my "Featured Titles" of that week. These books are standouts for teen readers and highly recommended for school and public libraries. If you have a limited budget, the titles highlighted in purple are the ones you'll really want to take a look at.

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Dress Codes for Small Towns (Courtney Stevens)
Featured title #1! Set in Otter's Holt, a small Christian town in Kentucky. With four of her friends, small-town troublemaker, tomboy, and preacher's daughter Billie McCaffrey accidentally burns down the youth room in her father's church. Complicating matters, Billie has started to fall for two of her best friends: Janie Lee and Woods, who both seem to be falling for each other. Starred by Booklist, Publisher's Weekly Annex, and Kirkus. Contemporary fiction, GLBT.
The Arsonist (Stephanie Oakes)
The stories of three teens combine into a mystery that spans decades. Molly Mavity is the daughter of a convicted murderer and a mother Molly cannot believe is really dead. Pepper Al-Yusef is a Kuwaiti immigrant with epilepsy, serious girl problems, and the most useless seizure dog in existence. Ava Dreyman is a brave and beautiful East German resistance fighter whose murder at seventeen led to the destruction of the Berlin Wall. When Molly gets a package leading her to Pepper, they’re tasked with solving a decades-old mystery: find out who killed Ava, back in 1989. Pair with Salt to the Sea or Crow Mountain. Mystery, thriller.
Mr. 60% (Clete Barrett Smith)
Matt Nolan is the high school drug dealer, deadbeat, and soon-to-be dropout according to everyone at his school. What no one knows is the only reason Matt sells drugs is to take care of his uncle, Jack, who is dying of cancer. Amanda is the overly cheerful social outcast whose optimism makes Matt want to hurl. Stuck as partners during an after-school club (mandatory for Matt), it's only a matter of time until Amanda discovers Matt's secret. Contemporary romance.


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The First Rule of Punk (Celia C. PĂ©rez )
Featured title #2! Twelve-year-old Maria Luisa O'Neill-Morales (who really prefers to be called Malu) reluctantly moves with her Mexican-American mother to Chicago and starts seventh grade with a bang--violating the dress code with her punk rock aesthetic and spurning the middle school's most popular girl in favor of starting a band with a group of like-minded weirdos. Realistic fiction, music.
Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World (Reshma Saujani)
Illustrated nonfiction to introduce girls to coding. Includes real-life stories of girls and women working for NASA and Pixar and encourages girls to develop an interest in the dynamic world of computer science. Nonfiction.SLJ starred.
League of Beastly Dreadfuls (Holly Grant)
This one has mixed reviews, but it sounds great if you have lots of Lemony Snicket or Chris Grabenstein readers. Anastasia is a completely average almost-eleven-year-old. That is, UNTIL her parents die in a tragic vacuum-cleaner accident. UNTIL she’s rescued by two long-lost great-aunties. And UNTIL she’s taken to their delightful and, er, “authentic” Victorian home, St. Agony’s Asylum for the Criminally Insane. But something strange is going on at the asylum. Anastasia soon begins to suspect that her aunties are not who they say they are.
Things That Surprise You (Jennifer Maschari)
Emily Murphy is about to enter middle school. She's sort of excited, but not nearly as much as her best friend, Hazel, who is looking forward to a new start. Emily wishes she and Hazel could just continue on as they always have, but things are changing. At home, Emily and her mom are learning to move on after her parents' divorce. Emily's sister Mina, who has been in treatment to deal with her anorexia, is finally home. But what if Mina gets sick again? And Hazel has met new friends from the field hockey team, is starting to wear makeup, and has crushes on boys. Emily is trying to keep up, but she keeps doing and saying the wrong thing. Realistic fiction.
Lost Boys (Darcey Rosenblatt)
Debut author! In 1982 Iran, twelve-year-old Reza is more interested in music than war, but enlists in obedience to his devout mother and soon finds himself in a prison camp in Iraq. Well-written and thoroughly-researched. War violence as well as some profanity and sexual references make this one best for older middles and high school readers. Pair with Linda Sue Park's A Long Walk to Water. Historical fiction.

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