Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Can't-Miss New Releases for Teens and Tweens--July 4, 2017

It appears that the July 4th holiday isn't the best day to release new books--I found very few this week. Here are four titles for tweens and teens worth a second look this week. Happy Independence Day!Ni hao from Shanghai! This is the first July 4th holiday I've missed in my whole life, and I am pretty bummed about that. We couldn't leave for the USA as early as we normally do because my husband had to work up until July 3rd, and now we are moving apartments (we are moving from Suzhou to Shanghai). We won't be stateside until July 12th this year. We will be traveling to three states (Connecticut, Virginia, and Texas), and we are taking a Mexican cruise! Neither my husband nor I have ever taken a cruise before, so we are looking quite forward to that! You know I'll be reading by the pool much of the time!

So I'm guessing that the July 4th holiday isn't the best time to release a new book because I couldn't find as many this week. Of all the new books I did find, I have selected only four as must-haves for school and public libraries. Maybe we'll have more next week?

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Words on Bathroom Walls (Julia Walton)
Adam has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia. It should be easy to separate what's real and what's not, but for Adam, it's impossible. Now Adam is involved in a new drug trial, one that seems to be working. Suddenly, all things seem possible again, including a romance with super-smart Maya. But when the drug starts to fail Adam, he is terrified Maya will find out his secret. Realistic fiction, schizophrenia, romance.
Coming Up for Air (Miranda Kenneally)
Hundred Oaks, book 8. I've read all the books in this series! Seventeen-year old Maggie has spent her life in the pool, and it's paid off. She is an Olympic-hopeful, and as a result, she's missed out on a lot of high school experiences. That never bothered Maggie until, after a college visit, she sees just how inexperienced she is. Maggie decides to get some experience making out, and her best friend Levi, also an Olympic-bound swimmer, seems to be the perfect candidate. Contemporary romance.

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The Song From Somewhere Else (A.F. Harrold, Levi Pinfold)
This was originally released in the UK and is now available in the USA. From the author of The Imaginary, and reminds me a bit of Neal Shusterman's Bruiser. Frank doesn't know how to feel when Nick Underbridge rescues her from bullies one afternoon. No one likes Nick. He's big, he's weird and he smells – or so everyone in Frank's class thinks. And yet, there's something nice about Nick's house. There's strange music playing there, and it feels light and good and makes Frank feel happy for the first time in forever. Illustrated. Magical realism, friendship.
Our Story Begins (Elissa Weissman, Kwame Alexander, Tom Angleberger, et. al)
Twenty-six authors and illustrators reveal their childhood stories and artwork. Authors include: Linda Sue Park, Kwame Alexander, Rita Williams, Gail Carson Levine, and many other well-known authors and illustrators. I think teachers and librarians will need to promote this book with students, as we often have to do with even the most engaging narrative nonfiction titles. Budding writers and artists may take notice and be inspired by the struggles of some of today's most popular authors for kids and teens. Narrative nonfiction.


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