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New Releases--June 27, 2017

12 Can't Miss New Releases for Teens and Tweens (June 27, 2017)

What are the best new books for teens and tweens? I'm recommending twelve titles this week!

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Girl on the Verge (Pintip Dunn)
Kan is a Thai-American girl who is too Thai for her predominately-white school and too Western for her family at home. When Kan's family takes in a teen named Shelly, Kan finds it easy to get along with Shelly and help her adapt to her Thai family traditions. Shelly seems eager to embrace it, actually. But Shelly seems too eager to be like Kan, and as Kan investigates Shelly's past, she finds out just how far Shelly will go to belong. Thriller.
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (Mackenzi Lee)
In 18th Century Europe, two friends stumble upon a magical artifact that leads them from Paris to Venice in a dangerous manhunt, fighting pirates, highwaymen, and their feelings for each other along the way. Professional reviewers say Gentleman's Guide is satirical, witty, well-researched, and reminiscent of Oscar Wilde and Jane Austen. How's that for super-high praise? Historical fiction, GLBT, magical realism.
If Birds Fly Back (Carlie Sorosiak)
Debut author! Ever since her sister Grace disappeared five months ago, Linny has kept a journal of famous disappearances. Sebastian loves astrophysics and science, but he can't figure out the identity of his birth father. Both have an obsession with a famous novelist and filmmaker, Ivaro Herrera, who went missing three years ago and has just reappeared. If you are looking to add multicultural titles, Linny is mixed-race (her mother is Nigerian). Great for fans of Morgan Matson, Rainbow Rowell, and Jandy Nelson. Contemporary romance.
Now I Rise (Kiersten White)
Sequel to: And I Darken. Oh, how much I loved this book! Now I Rise continues the story of Lada Dracul, or as we come to know her, Vlad III of Wallachia, "The Impaler." These books are thoroughly-researched with well-developed, tragically-flawed characters. Historical fiction, feminism, alternate history.
Aftercare Instructions (Bonnie Pipkin)
No matter where you fall in the abortion debate, no one can deny that it is a difficult, complex issue. I personally knew two girls in high school who had an abortion, as well as three girls who had babies in high school. And that was in the early 1990s. Unwanted pregnancy is an issue for some high school girls, and while there are many YA novels about teen pregnancy, few address the aftermath of an abortion. In this book, Genesis, a troubled 17-year old girl with little support at home, is abandoned at the abortion clinic by her POS boyfriend Peter. She has the abortion without Peter's support, but moving past it isn't easy. Contemporary fiction.
The Bitter Side of Sweet (Tara Sullivan)
Two brothers in modern-day Ivory Coast want to take a day job to help their family pay off debts. Instead, they are tricked and become part of a slavery ring, where they must cut cacao pods and try to avoid beatings every day. Things seem hopeless until they meet a new girl at the plantation. She refuses to be a slave, and attempts escape many times, reminding the brothers what it's like to be free. Together with the girl, they make a plan to escape. A Children's Africana Book Award Honor Book for 2017. Realistic fiction, modern-day slavery.
Eden Summer (Liz Flanagan)
This one looks to me like a typical summer romance, and I almost passed it up for that reason. It's actually a mystery. It's the first day of school, and Jess's best friend Eden is missing. Jess will do anything to find her, and she starts by retracing Eden's steps during the summer they have just spent together. But a second look at Eden's summer shows that it isn't exactly what Jess thought it was. Mystery.
The Impossible Vastness of Us (Samantha Young)
India Maxwell just moved to one of Boston's wealthiest neighborhoods to join her mother's new fiance and his daughter Eloise. Eloise, her clique of friends, and her arrogant boyfriend Finn are making India's life hell. But as India gets closer to Finn and Eloise, she learns that lives that look perfect on the outside can be disasters in reality. Contemporary romance.

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In the Shadow of the Sun (Anne Sibley O'Brien)
High-action thriller set in North Korea. North Korea! Mia was adopted from South Korea as a baby. Now, Mia and her brother Simon are in North Korea with their father, who works for a humanitarian relief organization to provide food to starving North Koreans. But when their father is arrested, and incriminating photos fall into Mia's hands, Mia and Simon go on the run, hoping to make it to China and save their father. For a nonfiction connection, pair this one with SungJu Lee's 2016 memoir about escaping North Korea, Every Falling Star. Action-adventure.
The Someday Suitcase (Corey Ann Haydu)
A tear-jerking story from the author of Rules for Stealing Stars and OCD Love Story. Clover and Danny are inseparable friends. So when Danny gets sick, Clover is determined to help him by doing what she does best: making lists. Give this to middle schoolers who love books like Friends for Life and The Thing About Jellyfish. Realistic fiction, friendship.
This Is Just a Test (Madelyn Rosenberg, Wendy Wan-Long Shang)
Set in Virginia in 1980s. David Da-Wei Horowitz has a lot on his plate. Preparing for his upcoming bar mitzvah would be enough work even if it didn't involve trying to please his Jewish and Chinese grandmothers, who argue about everything. David just wants everyone to be happy, including his friend Scott. Scott is determined to win their upcoming trivia tournament, but he doesn't like their teammate--and David's best friend--Hector. Realistic fiction.
Stealing Our Way Home (Cecilia Galante)
Pippa and Jack's mother died last spring, and no one has had an easy time moving on. Pippa stopped speaking, Jack started picking fights, and their father's struggling business began to fail. Now, Pippa wishes she could find the words to tell her father that she wishes he were home more. Jack is struggling to understand his feelings for the mysterious girl next door. And their dad's financial struggles are leading him down an illegal path. Realistic fiction, grief.

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