Thursday, November 10, 2016

Genre Personality Profile: The History Buff

This is the seventh set of Genre Personality Profile bookmarks. Based just on my own classes, the History Buff Genre Personality is the smallest group for students. I tend to only have two or three History Buffs in each class, a far cry from my Innovators, Realists, and Thrill-Seekers. Teachers, however, tend to be strong as History Buffs. Interesting!

Curious about your students' genre personalities? Download the "What's Your Genre Personality?" Quiz

Download a two-sided bookmark for The History Buff.
One side includes recommended reads for The History Buff (one bookmark for each of four different age groups), and the other side is the description of The History Buff that appears in the "What's Your Genre Personality?" Quiz.


 photo Escapist Bookmark cover portrait.png photo Questioner bookmark cover.png  photo Thrill-Seeker bookmark cover.png photo Class Clown bookmark cover.png
 photo Realist Bookmark cover portrait.png

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