Thursday, November 10, 2016

Genre Personality Profile: The History Buff

This is the seventh set of Genre Personality Profile bookmarks. Based just on my own classes, the History Buff Genre Personality is the smallest group for students. I tend to only have two or three History Buffs in each class, a far cry from my Innovators, Realists, and Thrill-Seekers. Teachers, however, tend to be strong as History Buffs. Interesting!

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*student names have been changed to protect their privacy*


Addison was a quiet girl who does well in school. Addy was one of those students who got easily overlooked in school. She wasn't involved in sports, she never got into trouble, she did well in school without standing out, and she wasn't really a popular student. I only ever see her with one friend, also a quiet young lady who loves to read. If it weren't for Addison, I don't think our Dear America series would ever get checked out. She has told me that she used to read the American Girls series in elementary school. By the time Addison got into eighth grade, she had gotten hooked on books like The Winner's Curse and And I Darken.


John is a popular boy who is smart and a stand-out basketball player. He is one of those students who is an "All-American" type. He is well-liked by teachers and students, and he stays out of trouble. His dating relationships tend to last for months, but there are always more girls waiting in the wings when one of his relationships ends. Though John is low-drama, he tends to date girls who are high-drama and mouthy, something I imagine he will grow out of as he gets older. John frequently seeks out fiction and nonfiction books about Pearl Harbor, WWI and WWII, and Vietnam. It seems I never have enough books on these topics for John; he is voracious for them. We have Chris Lynch's Vietnam series because of John.

Ms. Bellman, Ms. Row and Mr. Speaks

I mentioned that lots of teachers take this quiz and find out they fall into the History Buff genre personality. Ms. Bellman, Ms. Row, and Mr. Speaks are three teachers who took the Genre Personality quiz and scored high as History Buffs. One teaches English, one teaches art, and one teaches technology classes. Ms. Bellman loves historical romances like The Outlander series and Lonesome Dove. Ms. Row especially loves books like The War That Saved My Life, The Boy on the Wooden Box, and Stella By Starlight. Mr. Speaks is one of my few male teacher readers (why on earth is that?), and he loves reading essays, memoirs, and classics about political situations around the world. He's also a big fan of Holocaust nonfiction and spy thrillers for adults.

Download a two-sided bookmark for The History Buff.
One side includes recommended reads for The History Buff (one bookmark for each of four different age groups), and the other side is the description of The History Buff that appears in the "What's Your Genre Personality?" Quiz.


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