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New Releases Tuesday--October 25, 2016

Wait a second! It's Monday, not Tuesday! Why am I posting New Release Tuesday a day early? Well...last week, I added the new release PowerPoint I've been using in my library during student breaks and lunches. I plan to make this a regular part of New Release Tuesday, but I figured my librarian friends would want a day to review and edit the presentation as needed. I play this on Tuesdays, but I will not show every slide here in my secondary library (they don't care about the chapter books or most of the picture books). This way, you can edit and pick only those books your students will be interested in.

So...New Release Tuesday is now New Release MONDAY. Yay!

This week's new releases have me most excited about the picture books. There's one about James Madison Hemings, the son of founding father Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings. This one would be fabulous to discuss slavery and racial inequality with middle school students. There's a new Mo Willems picture book, a new title by Cynthia Ryland, and a new Demi title based on a Chinese folktale about a greedy, selfish man.

Once again, I have included my library's scrolling powerpoint, which will play in the library today during our students' break and lunch times. Each slide is timed at 15 seconds, and I "loop continuously until ESC."

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It's Not Me, It's You (Stephanie Kate Strohm)
Pretty and popular Avery Dennis just broke up with her boyfriend right before prom. In an effort to find out why none of her relationships ever work out, Avery tracks down all the boys she's ever dated to find out their side of the story. Pair this with Jenny Han's To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Realistic fiction, romance.
Empire Decayed (Daniel Kraus)
Sequel to: The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch. Zebulon Finch has faced more violence, lust, and heartbreak than any other seventeen-year-old in history. But nothing can prepare him for what is coming next. Half a century has passed since Zebulon Finch was gunned down and then inexplicably resurrected to experience a second life. Picking up his tale where he left off, Zebulon heads to Nazi Germany on a top-secret mission. From there he escapes to the shiny new world of the suburbs—a tidy neighborhood hiding dark secrets. It's a whopper--784 pages! Thriller.
Glitter (Aprilynn Pike)
Set against a backdrop of Versailles, where people act, dress, and eat as though it is the 18th Century, even though it is modern-day. In six months, Danica will be forced to marry a murderous king. Her only ticket out is to sell Glitter, a highly-addictive powder that can be mixed into rouge or lipstick. Once absorbed into the skin, the drug is so addictive that anyone who has taken it will do anything to get it from Danica. Not sure where this would fall in genre--possibly dystopia? I'd say historical fiction, but it's modern-day.
Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience During WWII (Albert Marrin)
Takes a close look at the history of racism in America and carefully follows the treacherous path that led one of our nation’s most beloved presidents to make this decision. Meanwhile, it also illuminates the history of Japan and its own struggles with racism and xenophobia, which led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, ultimately tying the two countries together. Nonfiction.
Bionic (Suzanne Weyn)
Give this one to Jenna Fox fans. Mira has always almost had it all...until it all crashes and burns. She's hurt in a horrible car accident, and the only way the doctors can help is to try experimental prosthetics and chips that are implanted directly into her brain. It's a huge risk, but after months of testing and therapy, Mira is back, and better than ever. Science fiction.
Pushing Perfect (Michelle Falkoff)
Kara has the perfect life. She gets perfect grades. She never messes up. Until now. Because perfection is an illusion, and Kara has been struggling to maintain it for as long as she can remember. With so much pressure to succeed, it’s hard not to do whatever it takes. But when Kara takes a new underground drug to help her ace the SATs, she doesn’t expect to get a text from a blocked sender, telling her to follow a set of mysterious instructions—or risk her dark secret getting out. Realistic fiction.
A Darkly Beating Heart (Lindsay Smith)
All Reiko can think about is how to best hurt herself and the people closest to her. After a failed suicide attempt, Reiko’s parents send her to spend the summer with family in Japan to learn to control her emotions. But while visiting Kuramagi, Reiko slips back in time into the life of Miyu, a young woman even more bent on revenge than Reiko herself. Time travel.
Secret Diary of Lydia Bennet (Natasha Farrant)
Lydia is the youngest of the five Bennet girls. She's stubborn, never listens, and can't seem to keep her mouth shut--not that she would want to anyway. She's bored with her country life and wishes her older sisters would pay her attention...for once! Luckily, the handsome Wickham arrives at Longbourn to sweep her off her feet. Lydia's not going to let him know THAT, of course, especially since he only seems to be interested in friendship. Retelling of Pride and Prejudice, told from the perspective of the youngest Bennet sister.
Balcony on the Moon: Coming of Age in Palestine (Ibtisam Barakat)
Sequel to: Tasting the Sky. Follows Ibtisam Barakat through her childhood and adolescence in Palestine from 1972-1981 and chronicles her desire to be a writer. Ibtisam finds inspiration through writing letters to pen pals and from an adult who encourages her to keep at it, but the most surprising turn of all for Ibtisam happens when her mother decides that she would like to seek out an education, too. Memoir, autobiography.
The Stranger Game (Cylin Busby)
Fifteen-year-old Nico Walker, whose sister returns home after a four-year disappearance. When Nico Walker's older sister mysteriously disappears, her parents, family, and friends are devastated. But Nico can never admit what she herself feels: relief at finally being free of Sarah's daily cruelties. Then the best and worst thing happens: four years later, after dozens of false leads, Sarah is found. Mystery/thriller.

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I will scroll this presentation today in the library during students' break and lunch times. It helps get the students excited about new releases, and it helps me determine which titles my students are most interested in. This will be my third week using a new release powerpoint in my library, and it has been a popular feature during break and lunch!

Please feel free to download from Slideshare and use it in your own library. Please note that this presentation does not include every title in this post. This week, I have also added a chapter book and picture book presentation (scroll down for that one).

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Middle School: Dog's Best Friend (James Patterson, Jomike Tejido)
Middle School, book 8. Rafe spots his grandmother standing on the free-meal line at the local soup kitchen. In order to help bring in more money, Rafe concocts a brilliant plan-a dog-walking business that soon turns into a huge money-making neighborhood empire. Illustrated. Humor.
If the Magic Fits (Susan Maupin Schmid, Lissy Marlin)
Inside an enchanted castle, there’s a closet—a closet with one hundred dresses that nobody ever wears. Dresses like those need a good trying-on, and Darling Dimple is just the girl to do it. But when she tries on Dress Number Eleven, something unbelievable happens. She transforms into the castle’s Head Scrubber! It turns out that each dress can disguise her as someone else. Light fantasy.
Tales From the Arabian Nights: Stories of Adventure, Magic, Love, and Betrayal (Donna Jo Napoli, Christina Balit)
A retelling of classic Arabian folk tales such as "One Thousand and One Nights," "Aladdin," "Sinbad the Sailor," and "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves."
Lost in the Pacific, 1492: Not a Drop to Drink (Tod Olson)
Lost, book 1. World War II, October 21, 1942. A B-17 bomber drones high over the Pacific Ocean, sending a desperate SOS into the air. The crew is carrying America's greatest living war hero on a secret mission deep into the battle zone. Eight men. Three inflatable rafts. Sixty-eight million square miles of ocean. What will it take to make it back alive? Survival.
Ryan Quinn and the Rebel's Escape (Ron McGee)
Ryan Quinn hopes his traveling days are over. The son of a United Nations worker, he’s grown up in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa—everywhere but home. He’s finally settled at a great school in New York and is making friends when, suddenly, his world is turned upside down. Ryan is blindsided when his father disappears and his mother is abducted. Left with nothing but questions, he soon discovers his parents have been leading a double life. Give this to Alex Rider fans. Action-adventure, mystery, thriller.
Dear Poppy (Ronni Arno)
Twelve-year old Poppy moves with her father and older brother out to the family farm, away from her beloved city and away from memories of her late mom. After a weird first week at her new school, Poppy is convinced she is destined for a boring year—until she finds a stack of letters from 1985 hidden in the barn of the old farmhouse that they move into. Even better? Those letters are addressed to Poppy...from her mom. Realistic fiction.
The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones (Wendelin Van Draanen)
Lincoln Jones is always working on the latest story he’s got going in his notebook. Those stories are his refuge. A place where the hero always prevails and the bad guy goes to jail. Real life is messy and complicated, so Lincoln sticks to fiction and keeps to himself. Which works fine until a nosy girl at his new school starts prying into his private business. She wants to know what he’s writing, where he disappears to after school, and why he never talks to anybody. Realistic fiction.
The Wishing World (Todd Fahnestock)
Lorelei is determined to find her family. During a camping trip one year ago, Lorelei saw shadows, tentacles and a strange creature outside her tent. By the time she got up the courage to crawl outside, the monster--and Lorelei's mom, dad, and brother--were gone. When she accidentally breaks into the Wishing World, she discovers a way to find her family. It's a land more wonderful than she could have imagined, a land of talking griffons, water princesses, and cities made of sand, where Lorelei is a Doolivanti--a wish-maker--who can write her dreams into existence. Fantasy.
Journey's End (Rachel Hawkins)
Nolie travels to Scotland, where her scientist father attempts to disprove a rumored curse upon an area called The Boundary near the town of Journey's End. But science cannot explain how Albert Etheridge, a boy who disappeared in The Boundary in 1914, suddenly reappears without having aged a single day. Supernatural mystery.

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Warm Hearts Day (Rebecca Elliott)
Owl Diaries, book 5. It's almost Warm Hearts Day! Everyone is busy making gifts for their loved ones. Eva LOVES crafting, so she creates all sorts of fun gifts and treats for her friends. She is excited to give out her homemade gifts at the big party at the Old Oak Tree. But then Eva realizes she forgot to make gifts for her family! Will she be able to make the gifts in time? Friendship, family.
Quinny & Hopper, Partners in Slime (Adriana Brad Schanen)
Quinny and Hopper have tamed a killer chicken, broken the Third Grade Rules, and proved to everyone that they could be best friends. But Hopper has doubts that anyone--even Quinny--can save him from his impending doom: a surgery removing tonsils he is really, really not ready to part ways with. To help Hopper overcome his tonsillectomy fears, Quinny decides to reveals his birthday surprise early: a trip to a museum where they'll get to see a real brain up close and personal. Realistic fiction, adventure.
Paws off the Pearl! (Geronimo Stilton)
Geronimo Stilton Cavemice, book 12. In the lagoon near Old Mouse City, cavemice have discovered a giant oyster. It holds a pearl of megalithic proportions! Since the mice of the lagoon don't have the tools to fish the oyster out of the water, they call on Geronimo Stiltonoot to help. Mystery, humor.
Fanny in France: With French Adventures and French Recipes (Alice Waters, Ann Arnold)
Growing up in the famous restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, Fanny knows a lot about food and cooking. When Fanny’s mother, Alice Waters, the chef and owner of Chez Panisse, starts to watch her favorite old French movies, Fanny knows soon they’ll be packing their bags and traveling to France for a visit. Includes stories about their visit and 40 simple French recipes. Illustrated. Travel, cooking.
Gumball's Guide to Science (Kiel Phegley)
Join Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Miss Simian, and the rest of Elmore Junior High as they unlock the mysteries of the natural world: What is gravity? Why do earthquakes happen? And will becoming a scientist finally impress Penny? Science.
Beware! Shadows in the Night (Lin Oliver, Samantha Kallis)
The Fantastic Frame, book 3. When Tiger and Luna get sucked into the fantastic frame this time, their destination is the diner depicted in Edward Hopper's famous painting Nighthawks. They explore the streets of New York in 1942 and ride the subway through the dark underground tunnels. Give this to Magic Tree House fans. Adventure.
Best Bear in All the World ( Jeanne Willis, Kate Saunders, Brian Sibley, Mark Burgess, Paul Bright)
Pair with Mattick's Finding Winnie. For the 90th anniversary of Winnie-the-Pooh, a sequel featuring new stories from the Hundred Acre Wood. The Trustees of the Pooh Properties have commissioned four authors to write in the timeless style of A.A. Milne to create a quartet of charming new adventures for Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin, and their friends.
What Was the Great Chicago Fire? (Janet Pascal)
On Sunday, October 8, 1871, a fire started on the south side of Chicago. A long drought made the neighborhood go up in flames. And practically everything that could go wrong did. Firemen first went to the wrong location. Fierce winds helped the blaze jump the Chicago River twice. The Chicago Waterworks burned down, making it impossible to fight the fire. Nonfiction.

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Nanette's Baguette (Mo Willems)
Our plucky heroine Nanette heads out for her first big solo trip to the bakery. Will Nanette get the baguette from baker Juliette? Or will Nanette soon be beset with regret?
Little Penguins (Cynthia Rylant, Christian Robinson)
As the snow starts to fall, the excited penguins pull out scarves, mittens, heavy socks, and boots, and Mama helps them bundle up. But when it’s time to go out, one timid penguin decides to stay home.
Be Who You Are! (Todd Parr)
I love Todd Parr's colorful, bright illustrations, especially that girl on the cover with the wild pink hair! This book reminds kids to embrace all the things that make them unique and special.
I'll Wait, Mr. Panda (Steve Antony)
Mr. Panda's black-and-white animal friends are curious what he's making, but only one has the patience to stick around. An alpaca, an aardvark, rabbits, and a bird all wind up missing out. It's the penguin who declares, "I'll wait, Mr. Panda." The penguin is rewarded with a big SURPRISE!
My Name is James Madison Hemings (Jonah Winter, Terry Widener)
James Madison Hemings is the child of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings. This is the story of young James's childhood at Monticello, which illuminates the many contradictions in Jefferson’s life and legacy. Great for older readers discussing racial inequality and slavery.
Radiant Child: The Story of Young Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat (Javaka Steptoe)
Jean-Michael Basquiat and his unique, collage-style paintings rocked to fame in the 1980s as a cultural phenomenon unlike anything the art work had ever seen. But before that, he was a little boy who saw art everywhere: in poetry books and museums, in games and in the words that we speak, and in the pulsing energy of New York City.
Push! Dig! Scoop! A Construction Counting Rhyme (Rhonda Gowler Greene, Daniel Kirk)
Down at the construction site, mama and papa trucks show their youngsters how to build. Push oosh goes a big mama bulldozer and her one little dozer! Dig schlup goes a tough papa excavator and his two little excavators! Count along with every scooping, mashing, and spinning family of trucks in the construction site--all the way from the bright early morning till it's time to snuggle in to bed.
The Shady Tree (Demi)
In this new Chinese fable, Ping returns and deals with the selfish and greedy Tan Tan,who owns a beautiful house and a beautiful shady tree, but who does not share. Ping turns Tan Tan's greed into his own gain, but even with his new-found wealth, Ping is true to his generous nature—there is room for everyone.
Pigloo (Anne Marie Pace)
Pigloo is an explorer. His destination? The North Pole. Big sister Paisley has doubts about Pigloo's plan, but Pigloo knows that explorers have to be patient as well as brave. When Pigloo takes his sled to the top of a hill, he sets off on his expedition--with a little unexpected help.
Fox and the Jumping Contest (Corey R. Tabor)
Looking for a new trickster tale? Fox really, really wants to win the jumping contest. He knows just where he’ll put that first-place trophy. The only problem? Fox is not a very good jumper. But he is a very good schemer. . .
Tomo Explores the World (Trevor Lai)
On a tiny island far to the north, there lives a young boy named Tomo whose life is filled with fish, fish, and more fish. Tomo was born into a family of the world’s strongest, wisest, and bravest fishermen. But Tomo has a secret—he doesn’t want to fish; he wants to explore the world beyond his small village!

What looks great for your library? Any early favorites or books you know your students will love?

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