Tuesday, August 16, 2016

YA, MG, and Picture Book New Releases--August 16, 2016

Last week, I combined all the young adult, middle grade, and picture book new releases into one huge post. I kind of like that I did that, so I am going to go to that format from now on. This way, all-level librarians only need to consult one post of new releases instead of two.

Very excited to read Architect of Song, Fuzzy, and 88 Instruments! If you are looking for autumn- or Halloween-themed picture books, this is your week!


Arcana Rising (Kresley Cole)
Arcana Chronicles, book 4. I gave the first book in this series, The Poison Princess, to an 8th grade girl last school year. She's one of those students who has read so many books, it's difficult to recommend something she hasn't already read. Anyway, she raved about it and said I should read it. Goodreads ratings for all five books in this series are well over 4.0, so I guess I'll be reading it! Fantasy romance.

Poisoned Blade (Kate Elliott)
Sequel to: Court of Fives. The second book in a planned trilogy, Poisoned Blade will appeal to fans of Throne of Glass and The Hunger Games, both of which are very popular in my library and probably yours as well. Several early reviewers say that this sequel is better than the first book. Fantasy romance, dystopia.

The Edge of the Light (Elizabeth George)
Whidbey Island Saga, book 4. Continues the story of Becca, a girl who fled to an isolated island off the coast of Seattle after discovering her stepfather's criminal activities. Alone and afraid, Becca made a new life for herself. She befriended a local boy adopted from Uganda and finds a family with a recovering alcoholic and a woman who shares a psychic connection with Becca. But Becca is hiding a secret, and no where is truly safe. Mystery, paranormal, romance.

Vicarious (Paula Stokes)
Sisters Winter Kim and Rose have survived a Korean orphanage and being trafficked to the United States. Now digital stunt doubles, Winter Kim and Rose engage in dangerous activities while their neural impulses are recorded for Virtual Sensory Experiences. But when Winter Kim disappears and her murder caught on VSE, Rose sets out to find out what really happened to her. Mystery, science fiction.

Cherry (Lindsey Rosin)
Four best friends, Layla, Alex, Emma, and Zoe make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of Senior Year. A female version of American Pie, perhaps? Chick lit.

Architect of Song (A.G. Howard)
Haunted Hearts Legacy, book 1. After reading Splintered, I can't wait to read this new series from former school librarian A.G. Howard. Nineteen-year old Juliet is a deaf hatmaker living isolated from the world on her own small estate. After hearing the song of a young English soldier's ghost, Juliet gets involved in an old mystery involving a man whose eyes are on Juliet's estate. This is a planned four-book series. Gothic romance, mystery, paranormal.


Gustav Gloom and the Castle of Fear (Adam-Troy Castro, Kristen Margiotta)
Gustav Gloom, book 6. After weeks of traveling on a quest to find their fathers, Fernie and Gustav finally come face-to-face with their nemesis—the evil Lord Obsidian. Final book in the series. Adventure, mystery.

For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla Guide to the Norse Worlds (Rick Riordan)
A "who's who" guide to Norse gods, goddesses, and other important figures of Norse mythology. Companion to Riordan's Magnus Chase series.

Fuzzy (Tom Angleberger, Paul Dellinger)
Maxine befriends her new classmate--a robot named Fuzzy. She teaches Fuzzy everything he will need to know about surviving sixth grade. Evil lurks in the form of standardized testing--AWESOME! I worry that my students here in China won't fully appreciate the pervasiveness of standardized testing in the USA, but I do love to see authors fighting the good fight. Well done, Mr. Angleberger and Mr. Dellinger! Humor.

Zoe in Wonderland (Brenda Woods)
Wow, this one looks different. Zoe's older sister is too-perfect, and her little brother is a smartypants. That leaves Zoe in the middle, and she knows she's nothing special. Zoe's only friend is getting ready to move away, leaving Zoe to fend for herself. But when an astronomer from Madagascar comes into Zoe's parents' nursery looking for a Baobob tree, Zoe longs for real adventures of her own. Realistic fiction, cancer, African-American characters.

Sunker's Deep (Lian Tanner)
Sequel to: The Icebreaker. This is the middle book in a planned trilogy. Sharkey is a sunker, born lucky on a fortunate tide. Everyone expects Sharkey to be a hero, and that's what he is. Only Sharkey knows that his life is based on a lie, that he is a complete fake. But when the real Sunkers are attacked, Sharkey must become the hero he was never meant to be. Action, superheroes.


Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn (Kenard Pak)
Eastern China is in the throes of an oppressive summer heat wave right now, so I would love to see some signs of fall! A young girl walks through the forest and town, whispering goodbye to the signs of summer and greeting the signs of the coming season. A beautifully-illustrated addition to the many picture books about changing seasons.

Hocus Pocus, It's Fall! (Anne Sibley O'Brien, Susan Gal)
Another picture book celebrating the magic and beauty of autumn. Eleven gatefolds open to re-create the excitement and surprise of fall’s arrival, revealing what happens when the leaves turn.

Emerson Barks (Liza Woodruff)
Emerson is a happy, excited dog who loves to bark, bark, bark. But when his bark frightens neighborhood friends, Emerson's girl Eva must forbid him from barking altogether. Can Emerson adjust to a life of silence?

Boo Haiku (Deanna Caswell and Bob Shea)
A witch, a bat, a skeleton, a jack-o’-lantern, a ghost, a black cat, a spider, an owl, and a scarecrow are all hide within the pages of this Halloween-themed book. Yes there is haiku poetry, and no, it isn't scary.

Walter's Wonderful Web (Tim Hopgood)
A determined little spider named Walter is trying to make a sturdy web that will stand up to the blustery wind. The webs he makes at first are woven in special shapes--a triangle, a square, a circle--but they still fly away with the gusts of wind. Can Walter make a web that is both wonderful and strong? Pair with The Most Magnificent Thing (Spires) for a perseverance-themed fun!

88 Instruments (Chris Barton)
My school in Texas had a band instrument selection day before school started. It was a big deal, and students very much looked forward to trying and selecting their instruments. This book would go so well with that day! A bespectacled boy has to decide which instrument to play, but with 88 to choose from, how's a boy to pick just one?


  1. How does one find out about international school librarian jobs?

  2. Hi, Mary, My husband and I used Search Associates, an international headhunter for teachers, librarians, counselors, admin, etc. They are not cheap though ($225 per person), so if you are just exploring your options, you might try TIE Online (www.tieonline.com). They are something like $30/year, and you can look at what's available and apply for positions through them. I am happy to help you if you have further questions--going international was a great choice for us. We only wish we had done it sooner!


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