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YA New Releases--July 5, 2016

I wonder if any other book category has as many new releases each week as the YA category. We have another 11 new releases this week, and honestly, most of them sound like something I would want to read. How's a girl to keep up with all this greatness?

Paper and Fire (Rachel Caine)
OMG, I just realized that this is the sequel to Ink and Bone! I have a friend who absolutely LOVED Ink and Bone, but I haven't read it yet. I know I'll be getting this for the library though. Books cannot be legally owned? A thriving black-market for illegal books? Those who control the library control knowledge? How have I not read this yet???? Fantasy.
Defending Taylor (Miranda Kenneally)
I have read all seven books in this series, so obviously, I love them! These are better for more mature readers as they have some sexual content. In this one, overachiever Taylor just got kicked out of her posh private school. She now has to attend Hundred Oaks, a public high school in her area. Contemporary romance. Read my review.
This Savage Song (Victoria Schwab)
I never know what to think when I see a newly-released book that already has over 800 Goodreads reviews, with an average rating of 4.23. I've reviewed YA for a long time, and that many positive reviews so quickly often scream "overhyped." It does sound pretty interesting though. Kate and August are heirs to a city so violent, it actually breeds real monsters. Kate wants to be ruthless, like her father. August--a monster himself--wants to protect the innocent. Urban fantasy.
The Merciless II: The Exorcism of Sofia Flores (Danielle Vega)
Sequel to: The Merciless. My students are always asking me for "scarier" books, and this one may just fit the bill. I had not previously heard of the first book, but it does sound interesting for readers who enjoy horror. I do hope the story is more interesting than that front cover. In Merciless, four girls try to "help" a schoolmate by performing an exorcism that goes horribly wrong. Merciless II is about one of the three girls after she moves away and starts having demonic visions. Horror.
Generation Next (Oli White)
Another "YouTuber" author I've never heard of. I really need to try watching some of these people one day; maybe it would open my mind a bit to the YouTuber books my students clamor for. Generation Next is about a group of friends who start a new social media platform, which skyrockets the group to instant fame overnight. Contemporary fiction.
Autumn's Wish (Bella Thorne)
Book #3 in the Autumn Falls series. Bella Thorne is a Disney Channel star, and I actually know who she is (mainly because she's in the As Dead As It Gets book trailer). Autumn is a high school senior who has no real plan for after graduation. She finds a locket that gives her the ability to see her own future and hopefully, to change it. This would be great for fans of The Future of Us (Asher/Mackler). Light fantasy.
The Siege (Mark Alpert)
Sequel to: The Six. I have this awesome group of Year9 (8th grade) boys who absolutely devour these sci-fi-action-thrillers, so I know this will get some checkout in my library. We only have The Six on OverDrive, and it's gotten 9 checkouts in the last 6 months. Not too shabby! Six teens exchange their bodies for machines to defend against Sigma, the most ruthless artificial intelligence program ever designed. Sci-fi, action, thriller.
Learning to Swear in America (Katie Kennedy)
Aw, this looks really cute. Seventeen-year old Yuri is a Russian physicist prodigy who knows how to stop the asteroid hurtling toward earth--if only the other scientists would listen to him. Then he meets Dovie, a normal teenager oblivious to the impending doom. Spending time with Dovie makes Yuri catch a glimpse of life outside NASA and a life that is very much worth living. Contemporary fiction with a hint of sci-fi.
The Memory Book (Lara Avery)
Sammie has a genetic disorder that will slowly steal her memories, then her health. So she won't forget anything, Sammie writes down everything in her memory book. Contemporary.
The Lost & Found (Katrina Leno)
Hmmm...this one sounds unique. Frannie and Louis met in an online support group years ago, but they have never met face-to-face. They each go on a road trip to Austin, and along the way, they find important things the other person had lost. Magical realism within a road trip romance sounds like it could be very interesting.
Secrets, Lies, and Scandals (Amanda Morgan)
It's summer vacation, and five teens (3 boys, 2 girls) taking a summer psych class have all been involved in their teacher's murder. The police are hot on their trail, and all five have something to hide. Kind of reminds me of Pretty Little Liars and Killing Mr. Griffin. Mystery, thriller.

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