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YA New Releases July 26, 2016

Well, this is my last week in hot and sunny Texas! We travel tomorrow to Connecticut to visit my side of the family, then we're off to Shanghai and the new school year. I've been stocking up on new books (and new genre labels) for my school. My students will be excited to see our new loot!

This week's new releases include a contemporary romance from Kasie West, a paranormal title about the descendants of the Salem Witch Trials, a WWII alternate history, a ghost story set in a haunted mansion, and the story of a Korean girl whose family moves to America.

P.S. I Like You (Kasie West)
Ooh, this looks too cute, and it's from one of my favorite YA authors! Lily writes lyrics on her desk in Chemistry class. She's surprised the next day when someone else has written lyrics and a note back to Lily on the desk. When Lily finds out the mystery writer is a guy, she and her best friend try to unravel the mystery. I always loved secret admirer stories when I was a teen! Contemporary romance.

How to Hang a Witch (Adriana Mather)
Samantha Mather and her mother have recently moved from New York City to Salem, Massachusetts. Sam quickly finds herself on the outs of a group called The Descendants (of the Salem witches). Sam is descended from Cotton Mather, one of the men responsible for the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Soon, Sam discovers that the descendants of those involved in the Salem Witch Trials are still plagued by a curse. Check out the author's last name--she is also a descendant of Cotton Mather. Paranormal, mystery.

The Darkest Hour (Caroline Tung Richmond)
Sixteen-year old Lucie Blaise is the newest recruit of Covert Ops, a group of girls tasked with spying on Nazi targets and taking down Adolf Hitler. Lucie's newest assignment is to track down and interrogate a Nazi traitor who has information about a dangerous new Nazi weapon. Compare with WWII alternate history Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin.

What the Dead Want (Norah Olson)
Sixteen-year old Gretchen, an avid photographer, moves to her aunt's crumbling pre-Civil War era mansion. The mansion is haunted, and it has something to do with Gretchen's mother's disappearance years ago. Give this to fans of Garcia and Stohl's Beautiful Creatures series. Paranormal, horror, mystery.

Gemini (Sonya Mukherjee)
Sonya Mukherjee is a debut author, and the Goodreads ratings for this title are very high right now. Told through alternating perspectives of 17-year old conjoined twin sisters. The sisters are finding that they both want very different things from life. Clara wants to stay close to home, where things are familiar and she can study the night sky. Hailey wants to see the world and study great artists. Give this to fans of Sarah Crossan's One. Contemporary fiction.

A Step from Heaven (An Na)
First released in 2001. Four-year old Young Ju's family is moving from their small Korean fishing village to Mi Gook. Young Ju is very excited, but when her family reaches Mi Gook, also called America, she is disappointed that it isn't quite the heaven she dreamed of. Follows Young Ju from age four through age 18. Contemporary fiction, Asian-American.

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